patpatman wins $161k as Ilari's Good Run Is Halted

patpatman was able to top the leader board after winning over $161k at the $200/$400 PLO games

Yesterday once more saw a glut of $200/$400 PLO action, once more revolving around the fattened bankroll of Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies. This time however Ilari wasn't able to ride his wave of good fortune as he slumped to a $405k loss. In his wake some serious booty was shared between patpatman, Jeans89, skjervoy, Sauce123 and barcode - with patpatman ending as the days biggest winner with a haul of $161.6k with Skjervøy finishing in second spot on the daily leader board with a $129.4k win and Sauce123 third with $101.1k.

patpatman played took nearly $250k at table Alshat V and took four six figure pots, here is the biggest;

Both players turn a flush but patpatman's scoops this $198.4k pot against Ilari FIN

Ilari actually lost over $550k at table Alshat V in a four hour session yesterday morning losing the biggest pot of the day along the way;

The lead shifts a few times through the course of this hand with barcode finally rivering the nut flush to take this $243k pot

After such a crushing session Ilari was tilted enough to suggest a series of $200k flips ($100k each) with barcode, who duly accepted his offer. Never gamble with a man on the back of a +$2 million heater is the advice barcode should have taken as he lost 4 of the 6 flips as Ilari clawed some of his losses back. We're pretty sure that Ilari must've been more than a little surprised when this $200k pot was shipped his way;

Ilari FIN no doubt cursed his luck as he was forced to go all in with this hand but miraculously his hand holds up - $200k pot

Coupled with another mini comeback at another $200/$400 table Ilari managed to close in on -$200k for the day as he shut up shop for a few hours.

Unfortunately for Ilari he came back for more after an 11 hour break and proceeded to lose close to $200k in under an hour and a half at the big games playing barcode, who up to that point was having a pretty bad day himself.

Other than patpatman, Skjervoy and Sauce123 the other six figure winner of the day was Dan "w00ki3z." Cates who triumphed over Alex "Sussie Smith" Roumeliotis, which you can read about here

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

patpatman +$161.6k

Skjervøy +$129.4k

Sauce123 +$101.1k

w00ki3z. +100k

Check out Tuesday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the live poker results.


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