Sauce123 Wins $214k - Back Over $3 Million This Year

Sauce123 is getting back to winning ways as yesterdays +$200k haul puts him back over $3m profit for 2012

Yesterday saw Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky win another $213k after his near $100k win on Tuesday as he repairs some of the damage done to his roll over the past week. Until two days ago he was $600k down for the week but is now climbing back up with some good wins. Yesterdays win at the $200/$400 and $50/$100 PLO tables also puts him back over the magic $3 million winnings mark for 2012, the only high stakes player to reach that target (well, EireAbu went up to c.$3.5 million earlier in the year but his since gone on a seven figure downswing).

Sulsky won around half of his winnings at the $200/$400 tables where he turned over a particularly impressive $ per hand statistic yesterday winning over $40k from yiyi01 in just 3 hands and then taking $63.5k from Ilari FIN in just 14 hands half an hour later.

Despite the distinct lack of hands at the nosebleeds Sauce still managed to walk away with one of the biggest pots of the day to his name;

Ilari shoves the river with a high flush but is beaten by Sauce's nut flush - $104.9k pot

It took him a few more hands at the $50/$100 tables (just under 300 hands) to earn approximately the same amount at the $50/$100 tables where he played in the ring games (and heads up on occasion) with tr1cky7, longerpig, Isildur1, yiyi01 and others. His biggest pot of these games came heads up vs Sam "tr1cky7" Trickett;

Trickett is in bad shape as the money goes in and Sauce123's set of 8's successfully fade the gutshot which could have defeated him - $50k pot

There were two other six figure winners yesterday as barcode and Skjervøy won $125.4k and $117.6k respectively. Both took decent scores at short handed $200/$400 PLO action with barcode this time getting the better of Ilari FIN in another $200k flip, which also turned out to be the biggest pot of the day;

Ilari flops top pair and is looking good for the bumper pot but barcode rivers two pair to deny him - $200k pot

Ilari did get lucky in a smaller flip the pair ran however with the board pairing on the river to give Ilari the other six figure pot of the day - $100k pot

Ilari was one of the days biggest losers, dropping close to $90k but it was Sam Trickett who endured the worst of it yesterday, dropping close to 1/4 of a million dollars although the English pro still managed to end October a $327k winner.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

Sauce123 +$213.7k

barcode +$125.4k

Skjervoy +$117.6k

Check out Wednessday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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