October Online Review - Million Dollar Months for Ilari FIN & Barcode

What a finish to the month from Ilari FIN

We certainly saw plenty of great high stakes online action in October with big performances at some point from all the great players including Ilari FIN, Isildur1, Sauce123, Barcode, RaiseOnce, Ben86 - as, particularly towards the end of the month the $200/$400 PLO tables gave us some big results and big swings. The net result was a $1.6 million win for Ilari FIN and a $1.19m win for Barcode.

The first week saw Barcode take the first of three consecutive 1/2 million dollar weeks as he topped the weeks leader board with a $563.6k score. His first weeks winnings were entirely supplemented by the one and only Viktor "Isildur1" Blom who certainly featured in the most interesting session of the week as he went on one of his trademark (yet usually unsustainable) tears at the PLO tables. Blom worked his way up from small buy ins at the $25/$50 tables through to the $200/$400 tables in the space of a few hours and tore into everyone in his path in a marathon session. At one point Blom was $900k in profit for the session before hitting a downswing (and, it has to be said was on the wrong end of some big six figure coolers). He ended that session a $500k winner but proceeded to lose most of it over the next few days, ending the week just $149k in profit.

The session, which you can read more about here also gave us the three biggest hands of the week, with Blom on the wrong end of them all. Here is the biggest;

Both players hit the flop but Barcode's flopped set holds up as Blom fails to improve or hit his higher flush draw - $198k pot

The week also saw RaiseOnce continue the good form he showed towards the end of September as a near $400k win for the week pushed him into winning territory for the year by around 1/4 million dollars, turning around a $700k deficit he had shown just a few weeks earlier. The continuing glut of $1k/$2k FLO8 also contributed to the leader board with LewisFriend winning $466k and Harrington10 took a +$410k week.

The first week also saw Ilari FIN go on a bit of a rush with a $340k win at the $200/$400 tables on 3rd October - although he couldn't maintain his form as he ended the week a $126k loser - but his prowess at the higher stakes was certainly going to feature heavily towards the end of the month.

Of course the week had to have some losers and the biggest, showing a $431k loss was in fact the biggest winner of the year so far as Sauce123 hit a bump in the road.

The second week of October saw Barcode come out on top again with another +$500k win - and once more his winnings all came in one day as he took $557k on the 11th October at the PLO tables (winning at all levels from $50/$100 - $200/$400). He ended the week a $554k winner. 

Also running hot as hell was Ben"Ben86"Tollerene who had four daily scores in the top four to end the week a $457k winner - in fact Tollerene had been motoring for some time and this weeks wins put him $2.5 million up since August.

FLO8 specialist Chung ho also had a great week with his +$430k win putting him up over $1.2m at FLO8 for the year.

The week wouldn't be complete without an Isildur1 "boom & bust" story and he duly obliged on the 11th by racking up close to a $500k profit before promptly losing it all again - by the next morning he had gone from around +$500k to -$25k. You can read about that and Barcode's win here  . The 11th was obviously the day of the week as it also spawned the weeks biggest hand;

Sauce123's Aces outlast Sam "tr1cky7"'s KKQQ in this $185.8k pot

The third week of October saw us enter "Groundhog Day" territory as Barcode once again took top spot and once again took a half million dollar win for the week (well, actually it was $496k but let's not quibble about $4k eh?). This time at least he had to decency to spread his wins out rather than take them all in one monster session as he made three six figure scores during the week.

In second place we see Sauce123 who wiped out his previous two weeks losses with a $480k week including back to back table topping performances on 20th and 21st as he took $179k at PLO & FLO8 on the 20th and a huge $344k the following day

Sauce's big day came courtesy of the weeks "Isildur1 Meltdown" as the hyper aggro Swede once more made a huge score before crashing back down to earth with a mighty bump. Blom had won around $300k early on the 21st playing FLO8 and 2-7 triple draw and came back seeking more cash later in the day. The sharks saw his arrival at the FLO8 tables and swooped in for the kill , knowing the young Swede was still a learner in these games and before long we had 2 full, full ring games in action - a rare site indeed! Unluckily for those hoping for a payday Blom killed both tables, winning another $400k or so over the space of a few hours, with practically everyone else at the tables losing.

Blom's downfall came when he shifted to the $200/$400 PLO tables and proceeded to run massively below EV (he lost $300k pretty quickly when his EV graph showed he should have been c.$40k in profit) before going into freefall and ending the day a $144k winner - over half a million down on his high point. Sauce123 was the major benefactor from Blom's fall from grace with his leader board topping $344k win.

Blom was also on the wrong end of the weeks biggest pot during these sessions, and it was something of a cooler;

MrSweets28 takes this $189k pot in a nut flush vs second nut flush encounter with Isildur1

The final 10 days of the month didn't see Isildur1 make any huge boom and busts, neither did it throw forward a $500k win for Barcode. It did however see Ilari FIN win over $2 million dollars in one of the biggest rushes we've seen since we started tracking PokerStars high stakes tables

At the wrong end of the table FakeLove888, playing mainly at the limit games lost a huge $527k during the third week of the month, with Ilari FIN posting his third consecutive six figure losing week, dropping over $320k. At this point Ilari was down $557k for the month of October. Oh how that was to change during the last week or so of the month.


The first day of the fourth week ended with a modest $182k win for Ilari FIN - at this stage he will have been grateful just to top the leader board, such had been his poor run over the previous few weeks. However, it was just this tip of the iceberg as the crazy Finn went on to top the leader board on five out of six days with some huge wins, including two separate 48 hour period where he showed $1 million wins.

After his $182k day he followed up with $662k, $182k and $482k wins over the next three days. Ilari had one break even day and then followed up with a huge $777.5k day on Saturday 27th October, another negligible ($64k) loss on Sunday followed by another huge $450k win on Monday 29th. Since the previous Monday Ilari FIN was now showing close to a $2.7 million winning streak in a weeks play. He had also gone from being one of the years biggest losers with a $1.4 million deficit to showing over $1.25 million in profit. Unfortunately Ilari couldn't quite maintain his form to the end of the month, losing just under $500k over the next couple of days - but still managed to end the last part of October with close to $2.2 million in winnings and showing a more than healthy $1.6m leader board topping win for the month of October. Read about Ilari's biggest (+$777k) winning day of the month here

Bizarrely enough Ilari didn't win any of the biggest hands of the week but he certainly featured in them as the stacks he had built enabled some lucky opponents to take down some huge pots including two +$300k pots. Here is the weeks biggest;

After a fantastic turn Ilari is pretty unlucky to lose this $303k pot on the river to Ben86 who hits a gutshot straight draw

For once it wasn't a great week for Barcode who was the weeks second biggest loser, dropping $422k, mainly to Ilari FIN, especially after they embarked in a series of massive $200k flips of which Ilari won more than his fair share. Still, Barcode still won a very respectable $1.19 million for the month so will probably feel ok about trying his luck with Ilari. The weeks biggest loser however was Phil "MrSweets28" who also felt Ilari's wrath during some heads up sessions early in the week and ended up a $616k loser for the week.

The last week in October also saw the first round of matches in PokerStars All Star Showdown (which you can read about here ) which saw MrSweets28, Ike Haxton, Daniel "w00ki3z." Cates and Sauce123 progress to the semi final stages. The champ will be crowned (and will be half a million dollars richer) on Sunday 4th November.

Let's hope November can bring us more of the same - and with the launch of the new Full Tilt Poker just days away we're sure there will soon be more high stakes action than we've seen for some time coming our way very soon.

Check out all the months biggest winners and losers here



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