Barcode Wins Big, Ilari Loses Huge & Sauce123 Through To Showdown Final

Barcode took a sweet c.$400k win from Ilari FIN yesterday
Ben Sulsky defeated Ike Haxton in another marathon All Star Showdown early this morning to reach Sundays final

Yesterday saw yet more high octane high stakes PLO at PokerStars with Barcode regaining yet more of the ground he lost during Ilari FIN's epic upswing last week as he topped Friday's leader board with a $387k win. Ilari FIN on the other hand had a disaster at the tables, dropping close to $900k yesterday - and after working up a $1.25m profit for 2012 last week he is now back in the red, showing a $25k total loss. He is still up over $1.35 million in the past couple of weeks but yesterday will certainly have been a significant blow to his confidence.

The day started badly for Ilari as he dropped over $84k at the FLO8 tables just after midnight server time before moving on to the $200/$400 PLO tables for some massive heads up sessions with Barcode - these two having played a fair few crazy battles lately. Yesterday was no exception as the two got involved in a few more big flips (although not the $200k flips we've been used to), lots of 3,4 and 5 betting pre-flop and generally hyper aggressive play.

It was a rough ride for Ilari whose run good seemed to have completely deserted him as he lost numerous huge pots including Barcode's three biggest of the day - each a massive cooler/bad beat for Ilari;

Ilari flops the nuts and is ahead as the money goes in, only to see Barcode turn the nut flush in this massive $317.7k pot

Again Ilari flops the nuts and yet again is unlucky to lose, this time to Barcode's rivered flush - $255.4k pot

Ilari is yet again ahead on the flop when all the money goes in, ties on the turn and loses to a sick gutshot on the river in this $239.4k pot

After this match the day didn't get any better for Ilari as he proceeded to lose a bunch more, both in the six max $200/$400 games and also in a short handed match (some of it heads up) with the days second biggets winner, patpatman who ended the day a +$247.3k winner for the day taking a $338k win at table Sponde V. Yet again the biggest pot of the session was a hell of a cooler for Ilari;

Ilari turns a set of twos gets his money in good only to lose to a rivered flush in this $218k pot

The other six figure winner yesterday, Odd_Oddsen also took most of his profit at the $200/$400 PLO games, winning over $100k of his $150k at the big games.

The other big news from yesterday was the first All Star Showdown semi final between Ike Haxton and Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky. 

This time the match saw the two foes put up $200k each (having won $100k each in their respective first round matches) and. the stakes played were $100/$200 NLHE up to 3k hands, with the blinds doubling should the match go beyond this point.

Of course, the match did go beyond this point as the pair played c.4,200 hands over a huge 18.5 hour period. With two such skilled players it's not particularly surprising that the match lasted so long. It has long been said that the edge between the top NLHE players is now so minuscule that it is barely perceptible and that a match such as this will be determined more by luck than skill. It's hard to argue with that analysis as after more than 12 hours of back and forth play the match was still at a deadlock.

There had been swings of course, with first Haxton taking a c.$80k lead before Sauce took the reigns and went into a $100k lead of his own within the first 2.5 or so hours of play. It took around 2.5 hours more for Haxton to even up the match again and then a further two hours for him to assume a $100k lead. Haxton actually managed to hold the lead for the next six hours or so, but never managed to comfortably pull away from Sauce. 

The turning point really came when the blinds doubled to $200/$400 and the average pot size increased significantly, with Ike on the wrong end of the majority of the decisive pots, including the two biggest of the match;

Ike's three barrel bluff isn't enough to scare Sauce123 out of this pot where he flopped an open ender and turned top pair with Q kicker - $90.1k pot

Cooler for Ike as his turned TPTK gets him to commit all his chips as Sauce had turned a broadway straight - $92.7k pot

Sauce took control of the match after approximately 13 hours, but still took a further five hours to eventually finish off his dogged rival.

The win takes Sauce123 into the final on Sunday, where many predicted he was very likely to end up - the $200k bank balance boost also once again puts Sauce back over $3 million profit for the year.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

Barcode +$386.8k

patpatman +$247.3k

Odd_Oddsen +$150.5k

leshkaGmBIZ +$92k

Check out Friday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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