Daniel "w00ki3z." Cates Beats Phil "MrSweets28" in 2nd Showdown Semi Final

Daniel Cates will face Ben Sulsky in tonights All Star Showdown final after taking down Phil Galfond in last nights second semi final

After the marathon matches of late in PokerStars All Star Showdown, last nights seven hour game between Dan "w00ki3z." Cates and Phil "MrSweets28" can be considered something of a speedy encounter.

The first hour of the match saw Cates establish a decent $45k lead after the pair traded some decent punches - over half of Cates first hour lead came courtesy of the biggest pot of the contest thus far;

Galfond flops well but is behind by the turn and makes a bad decision to try to take the pot down on the river with a big bet, which Cates duly calls - $51k pot

The next three hours saw a reversal in fortunes for Cates as Galfond won a ton of small to medium pots during the second hour of the match and started to build a decent lead toward the end of the hour - by the time the two hour break was upon them Galfond had established a $70k lead. Hours three and four saw Galfond keep his advantage, eventually cracking the $100k lead mark at the close of hour three with this particularly fortuitous $44k pot;

w00ki3z. flops a full house and checks his option on the turn, allowing MrSweets28 to pick up a free card on the river which happens to give him the two outer he needed for a higher full house - $44k pot

Galfond held onto this lead for the vast majority of the fourth hour with small pots being the order of the day. However, towards the end of the hour Cates did take a couple of +$40k pots to pull Galfond lead back to c.$65k after four hours - including this pot almost on the hour;

Cates flops a set and makes an easy call after Galfond shoves with bottom pair and a flush draw and holds to take this $45.1k pot

Hours five and six saw Cates continue to eat away at Galfond's lead - in fact during the last 250 hands of hour six Cates took a series of big pots to not only wipe out Galfond's lead but also to establish a decent lead of his own, going into hour seven with a $67k lead with just over 2,600 hands played after being behind for more than 2,000 of these hands.

After taking the lead Cates wasn't about to let it slip and he worked hard to press home his advantage and was certainly helped along the way with some great hands and by a few ill timed bluffs from Galfond, including this one which occurred shortly after the 3,000 hand mark when the blinds had risen to $200/$400 and turned out to be the single biggest pot of the match;

With the board showing a straight Galfond tries to steal the pot with a huge river bet, only to see that Cates is the one who truly has the goods - $80k pot

By this time the writing was on the wall for Galfond and it wasn't long before it was all over with Cates taking the final $12k pot with top pair vs Galfond's second pair setting w00ki3z. up for tonight's final against Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky and guaranteeing himself a minimum payday of $250k.

This win also made Cates the biggest winner at PokerStars yesterday with Sauce123 taking second spot courtesy of his semi final which ran well into yesterday morning with Sulsky winning all of his $182k as he took down Ike Haxton.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

w00ki3z. +$200k

Sauce123 +$182k

The Liar +$72.4k

verve.oasis +$52.5k

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