Full Tilt Poker limps back into action

It's not gone quite according to plan, but Full Tilt Poker is back

After a long, long wait Full Tilt Poker has finally re-opened for real money play today, but it hasn’t exactly been the experience most people were expecting. The site has been open for play money games for a week now in order to test the software and (in theory) have any problems ironed out before the real launch. However, upon firing up the client today customers have found that they have been unable to deposit, withdraw or transfer funds. Several other functions were also unavailable such as the Full Tilt store, transaction history and the promotions page. A message was briefly displayed on the client stating “We are aware of the cashier and my promotion issues and they are currently being worked on. We apologize for the inconvenience” but was removed within a few minutes. In addition to the fact that some players are reporting that they haven’t received a single email about their accounts either, the re-launch seems to be not the most smoothly run operation. However, the number of players logged in has been steadily rising all day, and once again Full Tilt is back to being the number two site in the world.

So initially it is only players who had an existing balance on the site who have been able to take any part in real money games. A $200/$400 NLHE game did spark up briefly but for the most part the highest stake tables are occupied by regs who have no interest in playing one another. On the tournament front the first MTT of the day was a $4 rush game which got a field of 519 runners. The first guaranteed prize pool tournaments start tomorrow, and by 11th November Full Tilt should be part of the Sunday majors line up again, providing customers can actually get money onto the site.

Update: The initial problems with deposits and transfers have lessened now a while after the launch. At the time of this update there are over 10,000 players sitting at the tables and Full Tilt is officially the second biggest poker room again.

See the new Full Tilt by downloading the poker client from Full Tilt Poker's website.


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