Isildur1 Back At Full Tilt - Currently Their Biggest Winner!

A good start for Isildur1 back at Full Tilt Poker

Well, it happened, finally Full Tilt Poker opened its doors for business and countless thousands were able to be reunited with their long lost online balances once more. Who better to usher in the new FT era than the man who did more to encourage railers and players to the site than any other, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom. Blom appeared very eager to get back on the site at which he made his name, tweeting "i missed you ! i am jumping into a 50c/$1 to get things going! come find me!"

It wasn't long however before Blom moved up in stakes to the $50/$100 PLO tables where he played Ronny "ronnyr37617" Kaiser heads up before others including Alexey "NoPasaran" Makarov, Rob "Vaga_Lion" Akery and fellow Full Tilt "Professional" Gus Hansen joined in the fun. The opening three hours went satisfactorily for Blom as he carved out a c.$33k win, tweeting along the way "at $50/$100 PLO now at FTP. it feels so good, i have been waiting for this for sooo long".

Next, Blom jumped onto some $100/$200 NLHE tables to face old rival Alex "Kanu7" Millar who plays at Full Tilt as IReadYrSoul. It was the first of three successful outings against PokerStars leading NLHE winner of the past two years as Blom took him for around $30k over a 2.5 hour four tabling session to finish his days play.

Day two continued in the same vein with Blom winning another c.$17k at some $25/$50 PLO before once again hopping on board for some $100/$200 NLHE where things didn't go quite according to plan as he faced off against German player Sanlker. Playing at two tables Blom found himself losing all in after all in as he tried to overpower his opponent from the off and came unstuck very quickly. With the session still relatively fresh Isildur1 found himself sitting across from two +$100k stacks and looked in real danger of losing the plot - five bet shoves with KQ off suit against an opponent who has been constantly showing the goods is never a good move and at this point it looked ominous for Blom. However, when it comes to NLHE, as long as he can hold his composure he really is one of the worlds best and he soon came back strong. By the end of the session Blom was still a pretty big loser, dropping around $75k to Sanlker but at least he had fought back to recoup over half the losses he had accrued earlier in the match.

During the last half an hour or so of this match Blom opened up two more NLHE tables where he took IReadYrSoul for another $34k in 145 hands of play and things were soon to get worse for the young English pro. After a 4 or so hour rest the two resumed their battle, this time playing for over 350 hands in a 1.5 hour session with Isildur1 wrestling another c.$100k from the coffers of Millar. A rough day indeed for the young brit - although having just been reunited with a reputed seven figure roll he'd had to leave languishing in his Full Tilt account we're sure Millar will be back for more soon enough.

It's interesting to see Blom back at the NLHE tables after playing it so sparingly over the past two years over at PokerStars. It certainly reminds us of how good a NL player he is, as Millar is certainly one of todays best HU players and he was comfortably beaten each time they played yesterday. Perhaps Full Tilt have asked him to re-ignite the NL action, perhaps his battered bankroll made him open the tables up, or maybe he's just glad to be back at the tables where so many of his career high points were played out. Either way it sure was fun to watch.

It was also at the NLHE tables where Isildur1's biggest hand so far was played out;

Sick cooler for IReadYrSoul as his rivered full house is trumped as Isildur1 picks off his massive value bet with quads - $107.7k pot

Still, it wasn't long before he was back at the PLO tables where he won another $100k or so playing $100/$200 and $200/$400 against ronnyr37617 and
SetoKaiba1 in around an hour and a half of play.

After a successful couple of days to his new campaign for dominance at Full Tilt Poker Viktor "Isildur1" Blom emerged as the site biggest winner, currently $290k to the good.

As to the other two Full Tilt Professionals, well Tom "durrrr" Dwan has yet to make an appearance, as according to his twitter feed "
I'm in the US for the next week. Will play soon". Gus Hansen however has been very active, and in complete contrast to Blom has emerged as the sites biggest loser - dropping over $348k playing a mix of PLO, FLO8 and 2-7 TD. Although he fared well at his favoured FLO8 winning $200k from KPR16 playing $2k/$4k he lost a little over $40k at PLO (to Isildur1) and lost a HUGE $500k at $1.5k/$3k 2-7 Triple Draw over two days - $200k to Alex Lunea on Tuesday and $272k to O Fortuna PLS yesterday.

With the big games filling up, the limit games already as big as ever before and with Isildur1 with a bit of a head of steam we can surely look forward to some great high stakes action at Full Tilt Poker.

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