Two Day Catch Up - Ilari On Another Heater As Isildur1 Goes Back to Square One

Ilari has won $450k in the past few days at the PLO tables
Isildur1 is back to the boom and bust we are all now too familiar with

We've had a few technical problems over the last couple of days with our Full Tilt tracking and results but after a lot of hard work and long hours from Mr lol and the guys we were able to deliver the results in full and we're happy to say the action has been fast and furious with some more great stories emerging as both Full Tilt and PokerStars continue to deliver quality high stakes action.

Thursday started with Isildur1 on a roll with close to $300k winnings during his first couple of days back at Full Tilt. If he was hoping that the switch to Full Tilt might temper his boom and bust outings at the tables then it looks like he'll have to wait a while longer for that particular pleasure as Thursday saw him lose all his previous two days winnings as he ended the day as the biggest loser with a -$345k day.

It just wasn't the young Swede's day and it looked like the writing was on the wall as he slumped to -$160k early in the day losing around $100k to Ronny "ronnyr37617" Kaiser. However, he seemed to be pulling things back as he rode the wave and actual got close to even after he started what turned out to be a 6.5 hour $50/$100 heads up PLO session against old foe Rui Cao. Isildur1 got the better of Cao in the first half of the match winning around $100k in the process. However, young Mr Blom couldn't repeat his 2011 heads up superstar showdown result against Cao as Rui turned the tables around three hours in and ended up winning $228k from Blom by the time they wrapped things up.

Both players who trumped Blom on Thursday had great days with Rui Cao ended the day a +$232k winner and Ronny Kaiser winning over $239k as he enjoyed six figure days both as ronnyr37617 on Full Tilt (+$101.6k) and PokerStars (+$126.5k).

Neither were the biggest winner of the day however as the biggest winner for Thursday (and indeed Friday) was none other than Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies over at PokerStars. After a tremndous run where he won $2.2 million in just over a week last month Ilari has been on a downswing which cost him more than half his winnings so it's good to see him back to winning ways. On Thursday he won pretty much all his $274k once again playing $200/$400 PLO against Barcode. He also took down the two biggest pots of the day during this match up;

On the flop this pot could go either way with Ilari ahead but many outs for Barcode - Ilari fills up on the river to win this $178.1k pot

Cooler for Barcode who turns a set of sixes only for Ilari to hit the nuts on the river and get paid off in this $104.3k pot

He then went on to top yesterdays leaderboard with a $175k win thanks to a $225k win over Rui "PepperoniF" Cao heads up at $100/$200 PLO - who managed to lose all his Full Tilt winnings from the previous day against Ilari. In fact Cao also lost in the $100/$200 ring games which also included Sam "tr1cky7" Trickett and 1-ronnyr3. Ilari's win would have been bigger had he not lost $100k back to Barcode yesterday at the $200/$400 tables, with Barcode ending up the days third biggest winner with a $150k score. Ilari also won two of the three biggest pots of the day, with Barcode snagging the biggest, here they all are;

Behind when the money goes in, Barcode picks up a ton more outs on the turn and hits two pair on the river to win this $126.2k pot

Ilari flops top set and fades PepperoniF's nut flush draw to take this $112.2k pot

Ilari hits the stone cold nuts on the river to take this $103.6k pot

There were plenty of other six figure winners yesterday with tr1cky7 winning $160k at PLO, GVOZDIKA55 took $125k from gunning4you at the 2-7 TD tables with wilh wilhasha taking over $103k for the day, won playing heads up NLHE against the days second biggest loser WCG|Rider. There were no six figure winners or losers yesterday at Full Tilt poker.

Thursdays Biggest Winners

Ilari FIN +$274.1k

Rui Cao +$232.3k

1-ronnyr3 +$126.5k

davin77 +$118.3k

Fridays Biggest Winners

Ilari FIN +$175.3k

tr1cky7 +$160.6k

Barcode +$150k

GVOZDIKA55 +$125.2k

Check out Friday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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