Isildur1 Hits Back at SetoKaiba and has a $200k Day

A good day for Isildur1 as he gained sweet revenge on SetoKaiba1 at the PLO tables

After losing his recently won $300k at Full Tilt on Friday Isildur1 made a great comeback yesterday topping the daily leaderboard with a $197.8k win yesterday playing PLO and some 2-7 Triple Draw. In fact he went on to win close to $200k more during the session as he opened up some FLO8 tables against SallyWoo and ran very well indeed. However, as these sessions started after midnight server time they will feature in tomorrows results. With Isildur1 currently playing Trueteller at the $300/$600 NLHE tables we're sure there will be a decent story to tell tomorrow also.

Blom started the day playing SetoKaiba1 at the $50/$100 PLO tables and finally walked away with a winner from the hour long session, albeit a relatively minor +$20k win. The pair were not done here however as they upped the stakes to the $100/$200 CAP tables where Isildur1 continued to dominate the player who has put a few beats on him this week and over the course of the next 2 hours and c.1000 or so hands Isildur1 took another c.$70k from his opponent before once more the stakes were raised - this time to $200/$400 CAP where the pair played on for another half an hour or so with Isildur1 winning another c.$20k before they parted ways.

This match left SetoKaiba as the days biggest loser, showing a $110.9k loss - all to Viktor Blom. There seems little point in relaying the biggest pots of this match as by the very nature of the CAP games they were all c.$32k at the $200/$400 tables and not especially noteworthy or interesting hands. There were however some bigger hands which took place yesterday over at PokerStars. The top two came from a game in which the results were actually published under Friday's date as the match started before midnight server time. However, the top two pots happened in the early hours of yesterday - and were the biggest of the day;

Cooler for WCG|Rider as his flopped set is beaten on the turn as wilhasha's open ended straigt draw completes - $86.2k pot

The nutflush made on the river is irrelevant as WCG|Rider already had wilhasha dominated when the latter shoved on the turn - $57.6k pot

Isildur1 also took a nice $86k win at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables, taking on German Limit specialist Kagome Kagome, firstly at $1k/$2k then, for the most part, at the $1500/$3k limit. For the first couple of hours, honours were fairly even but after a short half hour break Isildur1 dominated for the last half an hour or so of play, winning around $100k in total from this session with Kagome Kagome ending up a $64k loser and Erik1223 who joined for around 100 or so hands losing $22.5k (please note if you like to track the results accurately then technically the later 2-7 TD session at table Dual started past midnight server time but we collated all hands from that table at once and they have been included in todays results)

Other than Isildur1 there were no six figure winners at either Full Tilt or PokerStars yesterday with relatively little high stakes action to speak of. The second biggest winner of the day yesterday with a $69.3k win was yiyi01 who took his spoils mainly at the $50/$100 PLO tables, with a little from some $25/$50 NLHE.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$197.7k

yiyi01 +$62.3k

lima81 +$65.9k

gunning4you +$53.4k

Check out Saturday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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