The Big $200/$400 PLO Games Back at PokerStars - Barcode Wins $233k

Barcode ended up the biggest winner from the hugely swingy $200/$400 PLO sessions at PokerStars yesterday
Ilari won and lost $500k yesterday before ending the day almost even

After a couple of slower days over at PokerStars with the days biggest winners coming at from the tables of Full Tilt, the $200/$400 PLO ring games were back in full flow yesterday morning with huge six figure pots being traded all over the place. Inevitably Ilari FIN and Barcode were at the centre of the action alongside the likes of Sam "tr1cky7" Trickett, patpatman, Rafi "refaelamit" Amit, RaiseOnce and Alexey LuckyGump Makarov in a session which saw some massive swings.

At the heart of the swings were of course Ilari FIN and Barcode. It looked for all the world as if yesterday was going to cement yet another great run for Ilari, who had already won over $500k over the previous 4 days as he recovered from an early c.$150k deficit to go close to $500k in profit during the first couple of hours of play with patpatman, Barcode, tr1cky7 and LuckyGump all sinking to big negative scores at Ilari's expense. It was during the burst of play that Ilari took down what turned out to be the biggest pot of a day which saw 10 pots in excess of $200,000 played.

Both players flop well, Ilari picks up a straight on the turn but patpatman has a multitude of outs and feels compelled to call with top pair when the board pairs on the river in this $284.4k pot

Ilari actually took down four pots of $200k or over during the mornings play. However, his lucky changed around halfway through the 4.5 hour session and Ilari managed to lose his entire profits for the day to end the day more or less even, with Barcode turning his c.$160k loss into a +$200k profit. Barcode also took down some big pots, including one to rival Ilari's biggest;

Barcode takes the majority of this pot on the flop - had Ilari flopped well we would have been looking at a $680k pot! As it is Barcode had to settle for a $282.5k one

refaelamit was the other six figure winner yesterday with $78k of his $101.3k win coming at the $200/$400 PLO sessions.

With Ilari, LuckyGump, RaiseOnce and patpatman all making relatively minor losses Barcode and refaelamit's wins must have come from somewhere - and yesterday it was Sam "tr1cky7" Trickett's turn to run bad as he ended the days biggest loser - dropping $346.6k, with over $240k of that coming at the $200/$400 sessions. Trickett also dropped over $100k at the $100/$200 PLO tables against most of the same players. Trickett's bankroll will certainly be able to withstand the downswing as he's not only still up over $1/4 million at PokerStars this year and has won over $11 million on the tournament circuit this year.

Another big name who was very active was Isildur1 who played far more hands (4626) than any other high stakes player yesterday. Unfortunately for the Full Tilt Pro he couldn't seem to get anything going and eventually drained away the remainder of his $200k win a couple of days ago, losing a total of $105.2k - over half of which he lost in yet more shallow $300/$600 NLHE sessions to Trueteller.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Barcode +$232.6k

refaelmit +$101.3k

calvin7c +$73.7k

LewisFriend +$72.3k

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