Noah Schwartz wins his first WPT title and $402.970

Noah Schwartz
Byron Kaverman

It only took 80 hands for Noah Schwartz to take ownership of the $402.970 that was rewarded for first place in WPT bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble.

Noah started the final day with almost 44% of the chips in play and after the first hand he increased that to over 56%. In the first hand at the final table there were 4 different players raising and it ended up all-in heads up between Noah Schwartz and Lee Markholt. It was a classic race situation with QQ vs AK and Noah's pair of queens held up to bust Markholt in 6th place.

Noah Schwartz kept the chip lead all the way until Byron Kaverman bust out Ryan Hartmann in 3rd place. When the heads up play started Noah Schwartz held 7.100.000 and Byron Kaverman 7.160.000 in chips. This was the first time Noah dropped the chiplead since the final table started. The heads up play then went back and forth for 11 hands until the final hand appeared. On the turn the board showed 1093 4, and after some battling they found themselves all-in with Kaverman showing 109 for two pair, tens and nines while Schwartz turned up Q10 for a pair of tens with a flush draw. When the river showed a Q it gave Schwartz a higher two pair and the title.

This was Noah Schwartz's 4th WPT final table and finally he gets his first WPT win.

WPT bestbet Jacksonville Fall Poker Scramble final table results:

1. Noah Schwartz - $402,970
2. Byron Kaverman - $236,592
3. Ryan Hartmann - $153,403
4. Hans Winzeler - $106,848
5. Brian Senie - $77.083
6. Lee Markholt - $61,819



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