Updates from WPT Copenhagen , plus bad news for American FTP customers

It's more bad news for American customers of Full Tilt Poker who are still no closer to getting their money back. Meanwhile, hot on the heels of WPT Jacksonville the next main event is underway already in Copenhagen

FTP money still in limbo

Whilst most rest of the world players have been now safely re-united with their Full Tilt balances, there has been no such good news for American based players. The process is far more complicated, with the US Department Of Justice handling the situation on a timescale that has been very frustrating for Americans with money locked up on the site. A third party claims administrator would handle the applications, but none has been appointed yet and there is much uncertainty as to when even that first step will take place.

Poker Players Alliance executive director John Pappas met with the DoJ recently, and his comments will have been depressing ones for those still awaiting their money. “It was clear from our discussion that no decisions have been made at the DoJ regarding the manner of repayment of player balances” he said. “Unfortunately, completion of a refund claims process is a long way away.”

WPT Copenhagen

Meanwhile, days 1a and 1b have now been completed at a new European venue on the tour – WPT Copenhagen. A field heavily packed with European players was led by Swede Andre Petrovic after days 1a and 1b, and the first player of the day to bust on day 2 exited at the hands of Petrovic to further increase his lead. Further reports will follow once we have more details.


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