Ilari is The Comeback King - Up Close to $1 Million in the Last Week

Ilari tops the leader board yet again and is having another epic week at PokerStars
Gus was in the thick of the action once again over at Full Tilt yesterday

Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies is no stranger to the huge swings that accompany playing powerful aggressive high stakes poker and has had his share of trouble at that tables in 2012. However, Ilari has staged a remarkable comeback over the past month or two and is currently in the midst of another great run.

Ilari topped yesterdays leader board yesterday with a $227.8k score at his favourite $200/$400 PLO tables. After playing two morning sessions and over 500 hands Ilari was close to even, showing an $11k loss. It was in some late afternoon/evening sessions in which he made his mark however, winning around $240k over two tables and around 2.5 hours of play.

Most of the morning sessions saw him up against his usual rival Barcode and also Sam "tr1cky7" Trickett. Barcode actually had the best of these early games, making around an $87k profit at the $200/$400 tables. He also took down the biggest hand of the day;

Tough river for Ilari FIN as Barcode's wrap completes without filling up Ilari's flush draw - $223.1k pot

Once again though the evening games proved rich pickings for Ilari who is now up just short of $1 million in the past week as he dominated the later sessions playing against the likes of Sauce123, 0Human0, Jeans89, refaelamit and patpatman. Ilari also had a great chance to win the biggest pot we've ever tracked at PokerStars;

Both players flop the nut straight but with flush draws and full house possibilities Ilari is actually over 50% favourite to take down this entire $458k pot before the board bricks

This was Ilari's biggest pot of the day;

Lucky river for Ilari and he gets paid off in this $162.1k pot

Once again Rafi "refaelamit" Amit also performed well at the PLO tables yesterday as he won a solid $155.8k, partly in the $200/$400 games but mainly in a $103k session of $100/$200 where he played against Sauce123, PepperoniF and yiyi01.

Barcode also enjoyed a six figure win as he made up a little of yesterdays lost ground, pulling in a $130k PLO win.

The other big name involved in some big action yesterday was Gus Hansen. Fresh off of a $470k win on Wednesday Gus looked to press home his advantage and after some modest morning wins at PLO and 2-7 Triple Draw he embarked on a big $1.5k/$3k Triple Draw session playing against two extremely talented limit players in Kagome Kagome and O Fortuna PLS. Unfortunately for Gus he didn't fare too well and lost $331.5k in the session enabling Kagoma Kagome to end as the days second biggest winner with a $225.7k score and O Fortuna PLS taking a $105k win for the day.

Gus however was simultaneously playing on his favourite $2k/$4k FLO8 tables against SallyWoo and once again dominated his opponent for a $237k win. Gus also got some back from O Fortuna PLS as they swapped tables literally just after midnight and Hansen took back $87k from his German foe. He also opened up a $200/$400 PLO tables, something we haven't seen a lot of at Full Tilt poker since the relaunch and proceeded to take $214k from unknown player no_Ola.

Although not reflected in the daily results which show Hansen as a $106k loser his post midnight sessions netted him close to $300k making him a $195k winner before he retired for the night. On top of his $470k win the previous day Hansen was close to wiping out the -$700k deficit he found himself in just a couple of days ago.

Things today are not going so well for The Great Dane however and he is currently over $300k down. When Gus is still at the table though you never know how things might end up so be sure to check in tomorrow to see if Hansen can make another great comeback.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

Ilari FIN +$227.8k
Kagome Kagome +$225.7
refaelamit +$155.8.
Barcode +$130.2k

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