WPT Copenhagen - down to final 6

Emil Olsson
Steve Barshak
Robin Ylitalo

It's the battle of Scandinavia, well not all true since Stanislav Barshak is from USA. But except from that the final table include 5 players from Scandinavia - 2 players from Denmark; Philip Jacobsen and Jan Djerberg - 2 players from Sweden; Emil Olsson and Robin Ylitalo - 1 player from Norway; Morten Klein.

The tournament started 5 days ago and out of 229 players we are now down to the final 6 players. The final table bubble boy, out in 7th, was Frei Dilling Kjaer, who was a former chipleader after day 2.

Chip count for the final table:

1. Emil Olsson 2.208.000
2. Stanislav Barshak 1.597.000
3. Robin Ylitalo 934.000
4. Jan Djerberg 824.000
5. Philip Jacobsen 650.000
6. Morten Klein 568.000

The price money:

1. $229.938
2. $145.164
3. $93.080
4. $68.316
5. $51.237
6. $40.989

The final table will be played today at 12.00 (CET).

We'll be back tomorrow with the final results.


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