WPT Copenhagen - down to final 6

Written by Pejjen - Saturday, November 17, 2012, High stakes reports
Emil Olsson
Steve Barshak
Robin Ylitalo

It's the battle of Scandinavia, well not all true since Stanislav Barshak is from USA. But except from that the final table include 5 players from Scandinavia - 2 players from Denmark; Philip Jacobsen and Jan Djerberg - 2 players from Sweden; Emil Olsson and Robin Ylitalo - 1 player from Norway; Morten Klein.

The tournament started 5 days ago and out of 229 players we are now down to the final 6 players. The final table bubble boy, out in 7th, was Frei Dilling Kjaer, who was a former chipleader after day 2.

Chip count for the final table:

1. Emil Olsson 2.208.000
2. Stanislav Barshak 1.597.000
3. Robin Ylitalo 934.000
4. Jan Djerberg 824.000
5. Philip Jacobsen 650.000
6. Morten Klein 568.000

The price money:

1. $229.938
2. $145.164
3. $93.080
4. $68.316
5. $51.237
6. $40.989

The final table will be played today at 12.00 (CET).

We'll be back tomorrow with the final results.


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