KPR16 Wins $650k as Gus Hansen Drops Seven Figures

A very rough day for Gus Hansen over at Full Tilt, He will need a few big scores to even up this one

Yesterday saw a huge day of action at Full Tilt's highs takes tables, with Gus Hansen on the wrong end of most of it as he played 27 hours straight and ended the day a massive $1.5 million loser.

As a result of Gus's prolonged losing session we also saw the five biggest winners of the day coming from the tables of Full Tilt, all of them winning big sums from Gus.

The day had actually started pretty well for Gus as his early post midnight sessions yielded him around $300k from a session of $1.5k/$3k 2-7 Triple Draw from O Fortuna PLS and over $200k from no_Ola at the $200/$400 PLO tables.

The day really began for Gus after presumably four or so hours sleep at around 7am server time and soon after he began to play O Fortuna PLS again at the 2-7 tables, and after a six hour battle the young German Limit specialist had taken $300k from The Great Dane.

Hansen also began $200/$400 PLO and $2k/$4k  FLO8 games during the course of his 2-7 match, and he was to remain at the PLO tables (with a few changes of table) for the next 27 hours playing against pretty much every reg you can name and in fact didn't fare too badly, certainly not compared to at the FLO8 tables where he began at around 10.30am and played for 23 hours straight - losing a phenomenal $1.4 million dollars playing against cottonseed1, KPR16 and SallyWoo.

Full Tilt's FLO8 tables had been Gus's happiest hunting ground over the years, and until yesterdays implosion he was showing a $5.25 million profit there. Yesterday however he simply couldn't get anything going and as the day wore on he just kept on losing. It probably didn't help his chances multi-tabling at the highest stakes in different forms of poker against the worlds best online players. 

The biggest single winner from Gus was Kyle "KPR16" Ray who more than made up for his $200k loss to Hansen a few days ago to end up taking $688k from him. KPR16 ended as the days biggest winner with a $649.3k score as he had lost around $40k earlier at a lower stakes FLO8 table. cottonseed1 ended the day a $413k winner for the day, although Hansen did actually take back a little over $100k from cottonseed1 in a session which will appear in tomorrows results as it started after midnight server time.

Over at the PLO tables the big winner was patpatpanda who also took a bit from Gus (but also from other players) although as patpatman on PokerStars he lost close to $100k. patpatpanda also won the three biggest pots of the day;

patpatpanda is given a free card and picks up a wrap draw on the turn and calls to hit the nuts on the river before getting paid off by Gus Hansen on the river in this $153.8k pot

patpatpanda flops well in this three way all in pot and settles it on the turn - $153.1k pot

Big flop all round as patpatpanda takes yet another three way all in $141.5k pot

On the wrong end of a couple of those pots was Andreas "skjervoy" Torbergsen, who also had a pretty rough day as in addition to the $296k at Full Tilt, he also lost $183.3k over at PokerStars. Today has been a bit of a better day for the Norwegian pro who is currently six figures to the good over at Full Tilt.

Over at PokerStars the biggest winner was Kipu who won $206k at the PLO tables, with Sauce123 not far behind him with a $156k score - taking him further into the lead on the 2012 overall high stakes leader board.

With such a big loss under his belt and so many hours played it's not surprising we haven't seen Gus back at the tables yet - but knowing the Great Dane he will be back before too long and let's hope he can pull some of his losses back.

Yesterdays Biggest Winners

KPR16 +$649.3k

cottonseed1 +$413k

SallyWoo +$292.9k

patpatpanda +$227.1k

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