Emil Olsson – winner of WPT Copenhagen.

Winner - Emil Olsson, Sweden
3rd place - Philip Jacobsen, Denmark
Runner up - Morten Klein, Norway

Emil Olsson held the chip lead when the final table started and when the battle was over he was the last man standing. That may sound like it was an easy win for the Swede, but that is far from the truth. When they were 3 players left Olsson got really short. He turned up the heat and pushed all-in for a few times without getting any callers.

Eventually he got a call when he pushed all-in with 4 4 . It looked bad for Olsson when Jacobsen turned over T T. And when the flop showed J T 2 it had really gone from bad to worse. With Jacobsen flopping a set Olsson now needed to hit runner runner cards to stay alive in the tournament. But sometimes it's meant to be and turn came 6 followed by the 7 on the river to give Olsson a flush. Jacobsen was crippled with only 7 bb left and he went out shortly after that in 3rd place.

In the beginning of the heads up Klein had the lead with 3,780,000 chips to Olsson's 3,090,000. The heads up went back and forth for a while before Olsson managed to win a few important pots to get a substantial lead with 5.3 million to Klein's 1.5 million. Then the final hand appeared;

Olsson: K K
Klein: K 8

The board fell J 5 3 9 3 and the title was secured for the Swede Emil Olsson.


The final results, WPT Copenhagen:

1. Emil Olsson $229,938

2. Morten Klein $145,164

3. Philip Jacobsen $93,080

4. Stanislav Barshak $68,316

5. Robin Ylitalo $51,237

6. Jan Djerberg $40,989


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