Jason Somerville talks about his coaching of Russel Thomas before WSOP.

Russel Thomas
Jason Somerville

At least 3 of the players in 2012 WSOP main final table took help from a poker coach between August, when the final table was set, and the execution of the final table in October.

Jake Balsiger – Coached by Mike “timex” McDonald.
Jesse Sylvia – Coached by Vanessa Selbst.
Russel Thomas – Coached by Jason Somerville.

One of the coaches above took it a step further. In his blog Jason Somerville writes about how he came up with the idea of filming the preparation for WSOP main final table for his student Russel Thomas, who eventually finished 4th in this years WSOP main event.

Somerville writes “In the middle of September, as I was planning out the simulation phase of our coaching, it struck me how cool it could be to invite in a camera crew to film in October.”

The outcome of that idea gave 5 episodes showing the preparation before the final table and last week the 6th and final episode was released. In the last episode Somerville and Thomas share their thoughts about the preparation, the filming and the final table.

All of the episodes can be watched here:

The Final Table - Episode 1 HD
The Final Table - Episode 2 HD
The Final Table - Episode 3 HD
The Final Table - Episode 4 HD
The Final Table - Episode 5 HD
The Final Table - Episode 6 HD


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