Daniel Negreanu talks about integrity and honesty

Daniel Negreanu

On Tuesday Daniel Negreanu released another video blog in his popular rant serie. Last time (about a month ago) he talked about Howard Lederer and Black Friday. This time he talks about a different kind of honesty and integrity in the poker world.

He gives an example from his own life about a problem he had when he was in his teenage years; he had lost some sport bets that he couldn't pay back as he promised and he explains how the outcome of that changed his view on others with the same kind of problem.

During the televised final table of WSOP main this year Negreanu was one of many that complained about how long some of the players thought before they acted. In the video he talks about how and why he will use the tournament shot clock more frequently in the future.

You can watch the videos here:

Daniel Negreanu 15 October - Lederer Files Rant

Daniel Negreanu 20 November - Integrety


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