Player Spotlight: Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky destroys the competition and wins $900k in a week

Sauce123 has an amazing week at the nosebleed tables wining $900k to add to his already impressive 2012.

The online phenom Ben "Sauce123" Sulskly continues his winning ways and is just under $4m in profit for 2012. He had yet another great week (w/e yesterday) at the high stakes tables and he ended the week as the biggest winner by a considerable margin. The next biggest winner on PokerStars earned $650k less than than Sauce during the same period which illustrates how far ahead he was of his opponents. The week's result takes him to a profit of just under $4 million for the year and extended his lead at the top of the yearly leaderboard. What is even more impressive is that Sauce does not get time to play online every day due to other commitments he has such as being a student at college

The young American pro (who is currently living in Canada) played 5,028 hands at the high stakes PLO tables resulting in a profit of $906k.

The action on Wednesday 15th was getting really big with lots of action players in the game including Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies and patpatman. The game was $200/$400 PLO deep and it was certainly playing deep. Sauce did not have a winning day at the table that day and ended with a modest $47k loss playing just over 1,000 hands. He was, however, involved in the biggest pot we have ever tracked on PokerStars:

lari FIN and Sauce123 both flop the nuts and get all the money in but unfortunately for Sauce, Ilari is over 50% favourite to win the pot, but when the turn and river brick brick, they split the $457k pot.

There was not as much action the following day on PokerStars as there was some $200/$400 PLO action on Full Tilt. Sauce's Full Tilt account had not been reactivated yet so he was stuck to playing on the PokerStars tables. He still managed to find the same stakes action but without Gus Hansen which would have created an action-filled game. Sauce played just 351 hands on Thursday but won $156k against tough opposition that included 1Il|1Il|1il| (who is rumoured to be Hac Dang - further information is on his profile page) and Rafi "refaelamit" Amit.

Sauce managed to win the biggest pot of the day on Stars: Sauce123 hits a nice turn against refaelamit's flopped set to scoop this $121k pot.

Sauce didn't play on the 17th but returned to the tables again the following day to play a 4.5 hour early evening session. He played just over 1,600 hands and enjoyed a great run at the tables especially at Cosima II, where he won $273k in less than 250 hands. He ended the day with an impressive $390k win and took down a $200k+ pot:

Sauce123 has refaelamit crushed on the flop with his top set and flush draw against his opponent's top two pair in this $244k pot.

Sauce carried his great run the next day (19th) as he crushed the competition to win over $500k. He played over 800 hands at the $200/$400 PLO tables and decimated all opponents who came in his way. The action died down to three-handed with Sauce, Barcode and patpatman left playing, but Barcode decided to call it a day soon afterwards. It was hard for Sauce to find further action at the PLO tables that day so he decided to play some HUNL on Full Tilt. He took down some decent six figure pots on his way to the top of the leaderboard on Stars; the biggest of which was:

Sauce123 just flat calls with top set in a three-way pot and fades Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser's flush draw to win the $265k pot.

The following two days did not go as well for the young pro as he lost $100k overall. This included playing some $100/$200 NLHE six-max action where Sauce did not fare so well, dropping $138k. Nevertheless, he has had a remarkable week to culminate what has been so far, a fantastic 2012 for the high stakes pro. We hope to see him continue his good run at the tables during the final few weeks of the year and we may see him play even higher stakes at Full Tilt where he has reactivated his account as Sauce1234.

Yearly results so far: $3,986,269 profit (190,808 hands) [as of 21 Nov 2012]


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