A huge starting field in WPT Montreal

Daniel Negranu did well with the hockey stick before the tournament, but not so well in the tournament, he busted day 1.
Patrick Lelievre, chip leader when day two will start later today.

With a huge starting field of 1.173 players in WPT Montreal a new record is set for a tournament with over $1k dollar buy-in on Canadian soil. The last record was from earlier this month when WSOPC Vancouver had 1.032 participants.

Day two will start at noon ET today. The plan is to play day two down to the final 27 players, but it's not likely to happen since there is still 362 players left in the field. Levels were added on day 1, but to reach down to final 27 players they will probably have to put in more levels today as well. The field was way bigger than any expectations.

Day two starts with 1.000-2000 blinds with an ante of 300.

Chip count before day two, top 6:

1. Patrick Lelievre 326,100
2. Kalpesh Raichura 314,200
3. Kerry Shears 299,300
4. Jeff Gross 284,000
5. Jean-Louis Forino 272,000
6. Glen Cymbaluk 270,700

With a buy-in of $3.300 the prize pool is $3.387.930 and 117 places will be paid. Top 6 payouts is:

1. $754.162
2. $470.922
3. $317.449
4. $211.746
5. $146.359
6. $113.157

We'll be back tomorrow with further reports from WPT Montreal


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