Player Spotlight: patpatman continues his good run at the tables with a $344k profit over ten days

patpatman must be happy with the past 10 days grinding out a solid profit of over $300k against tough opponents.

patpatman continues his upswing this month with another solid grind at the high stakes tables. He put in a considerable amount of hours at the tables between 18 November - 27 November playing over 9,600 hands which is much more than his average week but it certainly paid off with a $344k profit. He continued to play both NLHE and PLO at the highest stakes available on PokerStars and seemed to be willing to play just about anyone.

His identity is still unknown which adds to his mystique but what we do know for sure is that his account is registered in Macau and he has a good grasp of English when chatting at the tables. It is widely rumoured in the forums that he is a high stakes cash game player who plays in the Macau Big Game and is called CL. Several people on the forums have also said that he spent some of his childhood in the USA which could explain why he is proficient in English.

The "panda" as he is often referred to in the chat box has had an impressive month-to-date and is up $850k during the last 30 days. We examine his most recent run at the tables over the past week and how he accumulated his $340k+ profit playing against some tough opposition:

Sunday is known to be the day of the rest according to the Bible but it wasn't a rest day for patpatman as he played over 3,600 hands over 27 sessions. This was all at PLO in a day where there was some big $200/$400 deep action with four six-figure winners and the same number of six-figure losers from those games. It is unusual to see him play so many hands in a day so one can assume that he hopes to dig himself out of the $2.5 million hole he was in last month as soon as possible. The panda ended the day as the second biggest winner with a $165k profit, after none other than online phenom Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky whose $900k week is analysed in this Player Spotlight published earlier in the week.

patpatman has a gut-shot straight and flush draw when the money goes in on the flop against Sauce123's naked aces, and he hits a nice turn to win the $170k pot.

The panda continued his grind at the tables the following day playing over 1,700 hands in a day that included one of the biggest pots ever seen on PokerStars. He continued to play just PLO and avoided the NLHE whilst there was big action at $200/$400 PLO. He was having a great day and a major upswing until the final hour or so of play when he played three-handed with Sauce123 and 1Il|1Il|1il| (who is rumoured to be Hac Dang - further information is on his profile page). That is certainly tough opposition and very few people are +EV against those two players. He lost a decent chunk of his winnings in that game but not phased by the money, he decided to play on Full Tilt Poker afterwards. He asked Sauce if he wanted to play some HUNL on FTP and Sauce agreed so they began a close to two hour, two tables session of nosebleed NL. It was Sauce1234 vs patpatpanda at $400/$800 NLHE - the highest stakes we have seen so far this year. patpatpanda won approximately $55k in this session with the biggest pot of the session certainly helping him accomplish this goal:

Sauce1234 is a unlucky losing with JJ against patpatpanda's AK in both runs in this $236k pot.

patpatman must have hated the turn but relieved on the river as the board pairs up for him to scoop the massive $402k pot.

The nosebleed high stakes action at PokerStars took a backseat on Tuesday 20th with most of the big action being predominantly played out at the $100/$200 NLHE tables. patpatman didn't miss out to play NLHE, a game which he seems to be more comfortable with, and the action eventually progressed to a ring game with it being played three-handed for some time at the beginning with Alex "Kanu7" Millar and Alexander "Sussie Smith" Roumeliotis. The panda grinded out a very modest $10k win after playing over 2,100 hands at NLHE that day but was able to win $36k as well playing just 82 hands of PLO during a brief fluttering of $200/$400 PLO during the evening. patpatman's biggest pot of the day was this unfortunate cooler:

patpatman cannot do much in this hand against Kanu7 who turns a full house to pick up the $98k pot.

There was more NLHE action on Wednesday as patpatman decided to battle one of the world's best heads-up at $100/$200, Kanu7. The session was across three tables which is the maximum number the panda seems to play on heads-up, and at the end of the 440 hand session, he ended with a $52k profit. The profit isn't too much relative to the stakes played but it seemed to be a big achievement to the panda who joked around with Kanu7 in the chat about winning for once against him. It seems that he likes to take shots playing heads-up against the UK pro and "surrenders" after a short time if things aren't going his way. Kanu7 said in the chat that "the panda isn't meant to run good against Kanu". patpatman also played 15 hands of PLO that day resulting in a $19k profit, which took him to $71k profit for the day.

patpatman snap calls the river as he hits trips against Kanu7's bluff to win this $61k pot.

patpatman wasn't really too active at the tables the next day playing just 77 hands in total and losing $13k at PLO. He could have been busy with something else but as many pros have stated that there isn't too much other than poker to do in Macau, he may have been playing in the big cash game there.

He continued his heads-up battle with Kanu7 on Friday but the good run did not continue and he "surrendered" after 162 hands losing $51k at $100/$200 NL. The two have been playing each other quite a lot recently and it must be good for Kanu7 to get some action from someone, even if it is patpatman. The panda did, however, recover a lot of his losses in the PLO action where he played 319 hands and won just under $40k, to reduce his loss for the day to just $12k. It seems like patpatman will play Kanu7 at HUNL when there are no $100/$200 or $200/$400 deep PLO games running as he doesn't seem to be interested in the shallow stack games - he usually sits down with 250BBs in the games he plays and likes to play deep games which most live players are used to.

There wasn't any big PLO action yesterday (Saturday 25th) so he decided to play some NLHE again against Kanu7. patpatman definitely likes to play short-handed games rather than heads-up and fortunately for him, another play was willing to take a shot at one of the three tables they were playing on. It certainly wasn't an amateur by no means and Niklas "ragen70" Heinecker is considered as one of the best online short-handed NLHE players. This time the action was at $200/$400 NLHE with two heads-up and one three-handed game in action; patpatman lost $14k overall in the heads-up games but won $46k in the ring game. He, however, wasn't finished for the day, and came back several hours later to play Kanu7 at $100/$200 HUNL for under two hours where he lost less than a buy-in, $8k. He still ended the day with a $24k profit playing 1,117 hands in total.

Kanu7's top pair is no good against patpatman's over-pair in this $124k pot.

It was a great week overall for the Macau-based player who really put the time in at the online tables to yield a nice overall profit. We hope to continue seeing him in action at the high stakes tables and play in some big deep action-filled games. The NLHE games could really hot up on Full Tilt if we see more of Tom "durrrr" Dwan at the tables as he seems to have his account topped-up online from witnessing his match with Kanu7 at $300/$600 NLHE where the two players were playing deep, and patpatpanda and Sauce1234 are willing to play as high $400/$800.

Weekly results [as of 27 Nov 2012]

NLHE: $12,096 profit (5,109 hands), PLO: $440,171 profit (6,061 hands), Omaha Hi/Lo: $116.8k loss


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