Poker news recap of week ending November 26th

Man of the moment Greg Raymer

All in all it’s been a fairly quiet week for poker news. That hasn’t stopped Greg Raymer hitting the headlines though as he continues to dominate the Homeland Poker Tour. It has also been a week in which Montreal has proven to be a popular spot for the World Poker Tour, and finally there was some good news for those American customers of Full Tilt who still haven’t got their money back.

Live tournament updates

Few things in poker now are still like they were in the good old days, and dwindling prize pools in the WPT are just one indicator of the faltering poker economy. Of the four completed events on the tour which had equivalent tournaments last year (season 10) prize pools for all four are down on season 11’s figures, in some cases significantly so. It was refreshing then to see a big attendance when the WPT returned to Canada for a new venue in Montreal. 1,173 entries have generated a prize pool of nearly $3.4 million with over $750,000 on offer for first place. There were bigger prizes being dished out in the past when Ontario hosted WPT events, but that was back in the days when $10,000 buy ins were fairly standard which is certainly not the case now. The buy in here might be smaller at $3,300 but it’s encouraging to see such a healthy turn out.

There are still a couple of days left to run in Montreal, and in terms of actual tournament results for this week, ordinarily there wouldn’t have been  a great deal to talk about judging by the diary. However, Greg Raymer has been pretty much writing his own news this week with yet another win in the Homeland Poker Tour. The Fossilman has been on fire with four first places on the tour in the past four months, culminating in another victory for $106,030 this week. Nice to see one of the good guys in poker still doing the business.

Last of the Full Tilt refunds get a little closer

It was only last week that John Pappas of the Poker Players Alliance was painting a bleak picture for American players with money still tied up on Full Tilt when he said that no decisions had been made regarding the manner of repayment of player balances. Whilst he is probably still correct that full repayment is still some way off, there was at least some cause for optimism this week. An update was published on the website of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District Of New York saying that it was in the process of reviewing the applications for a third party claims administrator. It appears that the position will be filled by January so 2013 looks set to be the year that Americans finally get their money back. The majority of that money won’t find its way back on to Full Tilt again, but most victims will just be grateful to be re-united with their long lost dollars.


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