Barcode Hits Back With a $171k Win

Barcode had a great day yesterday after a poor showing yesterday

After suffering a $192k loss yesterday mainly at the hands of regular foe Ilari FIN at the $200/$400 deep with antes PLO tables, the ever present Barcode hit back yesterday to top Sunday's leader board, taking a $171.8k win, mostly at the $100/$200 PLO tables with a little revenge gained at the $200/$400 tables against Ilari.

The majority of Barcode's winnings came during heads up play. As well as taking close to $60k from Ilari in just 9 hands of $200/$400 he also took a decent bite out of Rafi "refaelamit" Amit's bankroll heads up at $100/$200 PLO.

In fact it was a terrible day all around for Rafi as he not only lost a six figure sum to Barcode at the PLO tables, he also lost six figures playing FLO8 over at PokerStars, mainly during a 2.5 hour session at the $1k/$2k tables playing Chung ho. Rafi finished as the days biggest loser, dropping $210k in total.

Despite playing for several straight hours yesterday at various tables, it was his four minute, 9 hand session with Ilari which produced the biggest hand of the day;

All in pre-flop Ilari goes for broke with a connected double suited hand - the board offers no help as Barcode's Aces hold up to take this $99.7k pot

And here is his biggest against Rafi (third biggest pot of the day);

Barcode flops a set and with a big draw on the turn Rafi was going nowhere. Barcode's set holds up to take this $61.4k pot

Also having a good day yesterday was Benny "toweliestar" Splinder who took $92k, mainly during the $50/$100 PLO ring games during a huge 12 hour session. This win will come as a relief to the young German pro who has been having a nightmare year at PokerStars, having been down almost $1.2 million in August. He still has a long way to go to break even for the year but at least his results have been generally going in the right direction as he has clawed back $200k in the past couple of months.

There was one other six figure loser yesterday as Ville Wahlbeck lost $100.3k mainly playing in the 8-game over at PokerStars, and mainly to buck21

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Barcode +$171.8k
toweliestar +$92k
Chung ho +$86k
buck21 +$78.8k

Check out Sunday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.



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