WPT Montreal after day 2

Jeff Gross going in as chip leader day 3, WPT Montreal.
Mike "timex" McDonald 2nd in chips.

After ~11 hours of play they went from 362 players down to the final 45 players that will come back at noon ET today for Day 3. All these players are already in the money (117 spots paid) and today the plan is to play down to the final 6 players.

Jeff Gross, who was in 4th place after Day 1, maintained to keep his good stamina. He is the chip leader after Day 2 with over 2.4 million in chips, 800k more than Mike “timex” McDonald who is in 2nd place with around 1.6 million.

Many of the bigger names dropped out during day 2 and usually when you find yourself all-in you at least have a decent hope to win the pot. David Williams though, was one of those who got it all-in and realized he was crushed.

On flop 753 Williams found himself all-in against two players.

The cards:
Antonio Esfandiari: KQ (flush draw)
Garen Galanti: 77 (top set)
David Williams: 107 (top pair, lower flush draw)

On twitter Williams wrote about the hand: “I had less than .5% equity lol. So yeah, wasn't a good spot”. He had 0.44% chance to win the hand but this was not one of those fairytale stories and Williams was out of the tournament.

Turn: Q

River: 9

Garen Galanti - 485,000
Antonio Esfandiari - 245,000
David Williams – Eliminated

Esfandiari went out a while after and didn't cash. Galanti reached the money, but not day 3, he finished in 64th place ($8.470).

Top 6 of 45 going into day 3:

1. Jeff Gross 2.422.000
2. Mike “timex” McDonald 1.598.000
3. Jason Koon 1.546.000
4. Christian Harder 1.472.000
5. Jonathan Roy 1.431.000
6. Patrick Lelievre 1.401.000

We will be back tomorrow with further results from WPT Montreal.


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