Online Weekly Review - Scott "mastrblastr" Seiver Tops Leader Board with $270k Score

mastrblastr topped the weekly leader board due to a session of Triple Draw with durrrr

The past week has seen its fair share of action at the high stakes tables - with big action going down in every discipline for NLHE to PLO, from Triple Draw to FLO8 and even some 8-Game and 10-Game high stakes action. However, despite the action no player reached the $300k profit mark this week with the weeks biggest winner Scott "mastrblastr" Seiver showing a $269.9 profit.

In fact, even though mastrblastr ended the weeks biggest winner he actually made close to $100k more profit than his final weeks score on the first day of the week as he pulled in a $360k win, mainly from the returning Tom "durrrr" Dwan over at Full Tilt's $1500/$3000 2-7 Triple Draw tables. Even this score however wasn't big enough to take leader board topping honours last Monday as Sauce123 followed up his $390k from the previous day with a $506.8k win at the $200/$400 PLO tables in a wild days play. The sessions produced some monster hands, including seven of the 10 biggest hands played last week and in fact the biggest pot of the year;

patpatman flops the nuts, Barcode turns the nuts then patpatman rivers the nuts in this wild $402.6k pot

The huge win from Sauce123 made him the first player in 2012 to top $4 million in profit - with no other players in fact being close to even $3 million as yet. To read more about Sauce's big win click here

Tuesday began with more big action over at Full Tilt as Sauce had moved over to FT to play some $400/$800 NLHE heads up against patpatpanda after the two discussed playing on Full Tilt whilst playing together at PokerStars. Considering the size of the match patpatpanda walked away with a relatively modest $55k win (after being around $150k down to Sauce) but the match did provide the days biggest pot;

Sauce1234 is a little unlucky running his JJ twice against patpatpanda's AK and losing both times to a King - $236.6k pot

The biggest winner on Tuesday was longerpig who won $124k courtesy of a late night heads up $50/$100 PLO session against Kipu. You can read more about Tuesday's action here

Wednesday saw the days biggest action coming from Full Tilt's 2-7 Triple Draw tables as Rui Cao made a $233 score playing against O Fortuna PLS. We also saw a $200k score for Barcode at the $50/$100 PLO tables. The biggest pots of the day all came from a $300/$600 NL session between durrr and Alex "IReadYrSoul" Millar in a match which ended even. To see these pots and more on the days play click here.

Thursday was a day of little action and only showed us one six figure winner as 458854 won $101.3k playing Denoking heads up at Full Tilt's $300/$600 NLHE tables. Sauce123 also suffered a rare loss at the PLO tables, taking a $145k hit.

Friday saw the return of Isildur1 to the Full Tilt highstakes tables, and this time it was a successful return as he took french 2-7 TD specialist Sebastien "Seb86" Sabic for $180k during seven sessions at various stakes over 750 hands of play. We also saw a little $200/$400 action which provided Ilari FIN with the biggest hand of the day after taking on Barcode heads up. To read about this and the rest of Friday's action click here

Saturday saw patpatman win $145k at the PLO tables of PokerStars, making up for his $91k loss the previous day and helping him on his way to a $255k win for the week, placing him third on the weeks leader board behind mastrblastr and Sauce123. The day also saw a big loss for Barcode who dropped $192k at the PLO tables with patpatman and Ilari FIN taking his cash (Ilari finished as a $96k winner for the day).

Barcode fought back on Sunday however, recouping $171k, some $60k from Ilari at the $200/$400 tables in just nine hands of play and also a decent chunk at $100/$200 PLO heads up against Rafi "refaelamit" Amit. Amit suffered a bad day all in all, losing not only to Barcode but also over $100k at the FLO8 tables, to record a days loss of $210k.

Despite there being no $300k winners last week there were a few $300k losers as Ilari FIN, Kipu and O Fortuna PLS all suffered heavy losses.

To see all the biggest winners and loser from last weeks play see the full results here


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