Barcode Batters Ilari - Wins $273k at $200/$400 PLO

Barcode smashed Ilari yesterday for close to $300k and is up $1.5 million since September

Yesterday once again saw the ongoing rivalry between Ilari FIN and Barcode play out at the $200/$400 PLO tables as this time Barocde took the honours as he ended their four hour, 600 hand session a big winner as Ilari lost $285k. Barcode actually won $328k from the sessions after a short period of 3 & 4 handed play featuring yiyi01 and patpatman alongside Ilari from which Barcode also profited. After losing a little in some smaller PLO games later in the day, Barcode ended up a $273k winner for the day - taking his haul since September up to $1.5 million at PokerStars.

It was Ilari and Barcode heads up for around 95% of the match however and at first it looked as though Ilari might just be warming up for another great upswing - having already finished Monday as a $227k winner he dominated the first hour or two of play, working up around a $150k lead in the match before things took a turn for the worse for the Ilari. Barcode struck back during the second half of the match as the two became embroiled in an increasingly aggressive match, with Barcode getting by far the better of the key hands, winning all three of the $200k + pots;

Cooler for Ilari who flops top set and gets his money in good before Barcode turns the nut flush - $289.8k pot

Ilari's aces are crushed on the flop as Barcode hits bottom set and gets Ilari to commit his stack in this $256k pot

Ilari bluff shoves the river as a potential heart flush hits the river. Barcode makes a good call with his top two pair to take this $200k pot

Yesterday's other six figure winner was NyPogadi11 whose $153.3k gave him second place on the leader board for the second day running. Once again NyPogadi11 took a lot of his money heads up at the $50/$100 PLO tables against GSinishtaj in some early morning action. He also profited from some similar heads up sessions against Odd_Oddsen and Toweliestar later in the day.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Barcode +$273.4k
NyPogadi11 +$153.3
pandorasbux +$65.2k
Kanu7 +$62.2k



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