Two Day Report - patpatman & Ilari FIN Lead in PokerStars $200/$400 PLO Games

Ilari put in a good performance yesterday but could have ended with twice the $226k he ended up with

Macau based high stakes player patpatman has had an "interesting" year at PokerStars (and now Full Tilt under the name patpatpanda) high stakes tables, starting with a swift rise up to the top of the leader board and over a million dollars in profit by mid February and staying there or thereabouts until May. The next five months however saw a brutal downswing resulting in $3.5 million in losses as he sunk to a low of $2.5 million below even. Happily the patpatman has put on a bit of a recovery of late and in the past month is close to $900k profit, with over $500k coming in the last 10 day stretch.

On Wednesday he once again topped the daily leader board with a $183k win at PokerStars. patpatman proved his versatility as he played up to $200/$400 NLHE and PLO and $1k/$2k FLO8, making his money at the FLO8 and PLO tables and losing some in NLHE.

His biggest single table score came at the FLO8 table Gerda V where he took $100k playing Kyle "KPR16" Ray in a session which lasted a little short of two hours. He also made a decent score during a short but furiously aggressive session of $200/$400 PLO playing arch rivals Barcode and Ilari FIN. Although the session lasted close to three hours, most of this was heads up between Ilari and Barcode - however, patpatman managed to snag the biggest pot of the session (and indeed the day) during his half an hour or so at the table;

Ilari flops bottom set but is way behind patpatman who flops the nut straight to take this $207.7k pot

In fact, the seven biggest pots of the day came from this table, here are the next biggest two;

Cooler for Ilari as both player flop trips 9's and Barcode's kicker plays - $188.7k pot

A very fortunate river for Ilari as he scoops this $179.4k pot in a boat over boat set up

It wasn't all success for patpatman, who dropped $30k at the Full Tilt tables playing as patpatpanda on Wednesday - he did however take the four biggest pots of the day at Full Tilt playing $200/$400 NLHE. Here is the biggest;

patpatpanda's wired aces get paid off right down the line by IReadYrSoul - $94k pot

There were no other six figure winners on Wednesday, with the next biggest winner coming from the tables of Full Tilt as Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene winning $84.7k playing PLO, mainly at the $100/$200 stakes but also seeing a little success at the lower $50/$100 and $25/$50 tables. It was a six figure day for Tollerene personally as he also won $40k over at PokerStars playing as Ben86.

Wednesdays Biggest Winners

patpatman +$183k
Bttech86 +$84.7k
mastrblastr +$68.4k

The $200/$400 PLO action at PokerStars slow no signs of slowing down as once again the big names were splashing their bankrolls around with morning, afternoon and evening sessions all providing us with some great railing yesterday. The usual suspects were at the tables including Ilari FIN, Barcode, patpatman, Sauce123 and Jeans89. The only real significant result out of the days play however was a $226k win for Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies which mainly came from the coffers of Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky who ended as the days biggest loser, dropping $213k. The other players lost a little but all relatively insignificant sums through the course of the day.

Although the sessions show Ilari as the clear winner in the $200/$400 games yesterday it was a day of big swings, especially for Ilari who swung from -$100k up to +$400k, down close to even, back to +$400k, back to even, back over $400k until he finally ended the day with his $226k score! The "run it twice" feature which has only recently been installed on the PokerStars software is certainly making for a lot of big pots with Ilari in the thick of most of them.

These massive swings obviously impacted the daily results of the other players in the $200/$400 games with the only player showing a reasonably consistent trend in their daily results was Sauce123 - unfortunately for him it was a consistently downward trend as he lost c.$80k during his morning session and then proceeded to lose heavily to Ilari FIN for the majority of their two table two hour heads up match, dropping well over $400k. However, during the final 20 or so hands Sauce123 managed to salvage a big chunk of his losses, taking several six figure pots at the end resulting in his eventual $213k loss for the day.

The biggest hand of Sauce and Ilari's heads up match was taken by Ilari;

Epic cooler for Sauce123 as both players flop a full house - $230.8k pot

Sauce123 managed to take a $200k pot during the match also;

Ilari bluff shoves the river as Sauce123 makes his flush - $200k pot

Other players in the big games also had interesting tales to tell. patpatman for example shows a $16k loss for the day - however, 80% into his days play he was close to $300k down before going on a huge c.$350k upswing before ending the day just below even. Similarly Barcode was close to $350k down before hitting a purple patch to take him $50k in profit, before dropping another $250k and eventually ending up -$65k. He should consider himself lucky however as during the day he ran around $300k above EV.

Outside the big PLO games there was another six figure winner yesterday as altiFC ran up a $127.6k profit playing some heads up sessions of $50/$100 NLHE against Lottenice at PokerStars

Thursdays Biggest Winners

Ilari FIN +$225.8k
altiFC +$127.6k
Ben86 +$74.9k
NyPogadi11 +$54k

Check out the combined past two days full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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