Big Action at Full Tilt $200/$400 PLO Tables - pummelfee123 Wins $370k

A huge $370k score at the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables for pummelfee123 yesterday
LokoIsBack also put in a great +$300k performance at Full Tilts PLO tables

For once it was Full Tilt and not PokerStars which provided us with the days biggest $200/$400 PLO action as two players made big six figure scores, pummelfee123 with his table topping $370.5k display and Finnish pro Ilkka "LokoIsBack" Koskinen ending the day a $347.9k winner.

Unlike the action generated at PokerStars the big winners were playing at CAP tables, and as a result there are no huge hands to report, which although meant for lots of action and multi-way pots galore, didn't give us the excitement of huge six figure pots - the biggest being this four way pot won by David Benefield;

Four players are all in pre flop and although GSinishtaj flops top two pair, Benefield rivers the nut flush for this $58.5k pot

Despite the relatively small pots both pummelfee123 and LokoIsBack both put in 9-10 hour sessions and were able to walk away huge winners in the games, at the expense of Gus Hansen, David Benefield and particularly patpatpanda - who all made six figure losses in the game.

There were actually some six figure $200/$400 pots, although they were played out PokerStars NLHE tables as Alex "Kanu7" Millar took on patpatman in a close to 3 hour heads up encounter. The encounter resulted in a convincing win for the young brit who punished his Macau based rival throughout, to end up as the days third biggest winner with a $282.1k score. The match contained all three of the days six figure pots;

Kanu7 rivers the second nuts and his shove gets paid off by patpatman - $258.8k pot

This time Kanu7's river shove is a complete bluff as patpatman is going nowhere with his turned straight - $200k pot

This time it's patpatman's turn to try a big river bluff, although he has to fold to Kanu7's final raise as he was obviously betting with air - $167k pot

There were also six figure wins yesterday for mastrblastr at Full Tilt who won the majority of his $122.9k score over at the $1500/$3000 2-7 TD tables playing durrrr and wilhasha whose $114.6k win came from playing Lottenice at PokerStars $50/$100 NLHE tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

pummelfee123 +$370.5k
LokoIsBack +$347.9k
Kanu7 +$282.1k
mastrblastr +$122.9
wilhasha +$114.6k

Check out Saturday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.



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