Sauce1234 Wins $1/4 Million at Full Tilt

Ben Sulsky is the years biggest online winner and yesterday chose to show his prowess at the tables of Full Tilt

Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky is already by far and away the biggest online high stakes winner so far in 2012 with his $3.6 million winnings at PokerStars putting him $1.2 million clear of his nearest rival Jeans89 and now he is launching his assault on Full Tilt Poker as "Sauce1234". Yesterday he put in a leader board topping score of $258.4k.

The day didn't exactly start well for the American pro as he suffered a series of defeats in the $200/$400 PLO CAP games through the early hours and during his first 2-7 Triple Draw games, played at the $100/$200 stakes. However, once he moved up to $200/$400 NL to take on durrrr heads up things got so much better for Sauce. By the time midnight server time came around he'd erased his earlier c.$90k losses and put himself over $258k in profit. This win puts Sauce into profit at Full Tilt by $150k since it's relaunch.

The sessions resulted in a $214.6k loss for durrrr who is now close to $400k down since his return to the online tables of Full Tilt. However, although there is still a long way to go in the day durrr is having an altogether better day today as he pulled some back in the 2-7 TD games after midnight server time and also fired up some PLO tables, winning a stack at the $75/$150 tables playing against the likes of LokoIsBack, patpatpanda, Genius28, Ingenious89 and yesterday's big winner, pummelfee123. Currently he is $360k up for the day.

It was at the PLO tables where durrrr took down the biggest pot of the past 24 hours;

durrr outflops patpatpanda's Aces and his advantage manages to hold up even though the turn and river were run twice - $139.6k pot

The biggest pot from yesterday actually took place at PokerStars, where the $200/$400 NLHE action continued - this time heads up between Kanu7 and patpatman;

patpatman is unlucky as his pocket aces are good all the way to the river where Kanu7 hits his straight - $130.9k pot

There were two other six figure winners yesterday as once again wilhasha put in a good performance at the $50/$100 NLHE tables, winning throughout the day in the ring games for a $137k win. wilhasha won 1/4 million dollars at PokerStars high stakes NLHE tables over the weekend.

As well as durrrr there was another six figure winner at the $75/$150 PLO tables at Full Tilt as no_Ola won $105.5k in a little under 500 hands of play.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Sauce1234 +$258.4k

wilhasha +$137.1k

no_Ola +$105.5k

V.Wahlbeck +$84.6k

Check out Sunday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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