Poker news recap of week ending December 2nd

Montreal winnerJonathan Roy
Mazagan winner Giacomo Fundaro
Theo Jorgensen

It's been a busy week in which two WPT titles have been decided as Montreal and Mazagan saw two new names on the WPT winners list. Former Full Tilt director decided that he wasn't up for the fight with the Department Of Justice. And there was some shocking news as high stakes player Theo Jorgensen was robbed in his own home.

Theo Jorgensen robbed

There was some rather sobering news to end the week as Theo Jorgensen was robbed by three assailants demanding cash.  Sadly it’s all too common for poker players to be targeted for robbery, but what made this all the more shocking was that it took place in his own home in Denmark and that he was shot three times in front of his wife. Despite apparently being compliant and offering the intruders some money, Jorgensen was still gunned down mercilessly with three shots to the legs. The former WPT and WSOP bracelet winner was rushed to hospital and is currently recovering from his injuries which are not thought to be life threatening.

WPT results

A busy period in the live tournament schedule saw two WPT titles awarded in the space of six days as both Canada and Morocco took their turn to host main events.  First of all Jonathan Roy outlasted the huge field of 1173 entries at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal for a career best score of C$779,210 (equivalent to US$777,903.) Unsurprisingly it was a field packed full of Canadians and there were also decent finishes for Gavin Smith (3rd) and Mike “Timex” McDonald (27th) who just never seems to have a lean spell.

Just hours after all the chips had been pushed Roy’s way in Canada, play was underway in Morocco at the luxurious Mazagan Beach And Golf Resort.  It was a far smaller tournament at just 146 players and this time the field had a very French feel to it. Half of the final table players hailed from France but in the end it was an Italian who put his name on the trophy. Giacomo Fundaro’s table etiquette may not have been to everybody’s taste and tournament director Christian Scalzi was called upon to have a word with Fundaro on more than one occasion. That will all have been long forgotten by the Italian though who laid claim to a first major title in his career with a win worth 1,443,000 Moroccan Dirham ($168,207)

Rafe Furst settles up

As a former director and part owner of Full Tilt, Rafe Furst (along with Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer and Ray Bitar) had been facing some very serious charges relating to the demise of the online poker room last year. Amongst those charges were wire fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling – charges which could carry custodial sentences for anybody who is found to be guilty. Unlike Lederer and Ferguson, it seems that Furst has decided that he doesn’t want to have to fight the law on this one and has come to an agreement to put an end to matters. Assets had been seized from all of the accused pending a court decision, and whilst he has stated that this agreement does not constitute and admittance of guilt, Furst has agreed to forfeit those assets in order that the charges are dropped.  Furthermore he will pay an additional $150,000 to be added to the remittance fund for US players still waiting for their money. Of the other three, Bitar is in out on bail in America and Lederer and Ferguson have appealed to have the charges against them dropped.


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