November Online Highstakes Re-cap - patpatman Makes a Stand & Gus Takes a Tumble

A much needed big winning month for patpatman who has suffered huge losses over the last six months
Another good month for Sauce123 who is miles ahead of his online high stakes competition this year

November saw the continuation of the ongoing deep stacked $200/$400 PLO action at PokerStars which had brought Ilari FIN such success last month, although this month it was patpatman, Sauce123 & Barcode who made the most of the action, each making half million plus scores, with patpatman leading the way with a $774k haul - a much needed bankroll boost to the player who had gone from $1 million profit in May to -$2.5m by October.

It was during the first week of November that patpatman did most of his damage, winning $688k between 1st-7th of the month, finishing in the top two on the leader board three times during the first week with scores of $252k, $232k & $194k. Here is patpatman's biggest hand of the week, played on his biggest winning day (7th November, when he took $252k);

Ilari makes a bold stab at the river but is forced to fold as patpatman raises his bluff to take this $229.9k pot uncontested

The biggest pot of the week fell to Barcode, who ended the week a $224k winner.

Ilari gets it in good with a flopped straight but is beaten on the turn as Barcode hits the nut flush - $317.7k pot
When you look back over the months leaders and losers, you'll see that

Ilari FIN was PokerStars biggest loser, dropping $638k - however, that is actually an improvement from his status after just the first day of the month where he lost close to $900k and ended the first week down over $1 million - you can read about this epic day at the $200/$400 PLO tables here.

There was another +$1/2 million winner during the first week of November as Jeans89 won $504.8k with three scores of over $150k and a couple of other top ten finishes through the week.

The other event worthy of note during the first week of the month was the All Star Showdown at PokerStars, where 8 of the games best high stakes players put up $100k to face off heads up round by round until there was one winner. The eventual final took place between Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky and Daniel "w00ki3z." Cates and Cates prevailed for the $550k first prize, with Sauce123 taking $250k for his second place finish. You can read about the final here

The second week of November saw a great comeback from Ilari FIN who pretty much wiped out his $1million loss from the first week, taking $964.4k through the week at the $200/$400 PLO tables. On the 8th November he beat Barcode in some great heads up action, ending the day a $275k winner, and followed this up by another leader board topping performance the following day, winning $175k after beating up on Rui "PepperoniF" Cao. His biggest win of the week came on the 14th as he won $454.4k. However, there were two bigger winners on this particular day as refaelamit won $460k and Gus Hansen won $470k at Full Tilts FLO8 tables playing against SallyWoo. You can read all about this action packed day here

Ilari also took down the biggest pot of the week with this hand played out on the 12th;

Ilari's straight gets paid off by patpatman who misses his flush draw but is compelled to call on the river as the board pairs on the river - $284.4k pot

The second week wasn't so kind to SallyWoo, who dropped$621k at Full Tilt's PLO tables, mainly to Gus Hansen, and Barcode who dropped $466k at PokerStars $200/$400 PLO tables, mainly to Ilari FIN. We also saw a fair bit of action from Viktor "Isildur1" Blom as he once again made some big wins and big losses at Full Tilt. His good start to the week didn't end well however as he ended the week a $337k loser.

The third week saw Sauce123 really cement his position atop the 2012 high stakes leader board as two big scores enabled him to post $906k in profits for the week. On back to back days on 18th and 19th of the month Sauce won $390k and $500k respectively at PokerStars $200/$400 PLO tables. You can read all about Sauce's great week at PokerStars here

Perhaps the biggest story of the week however was the enormous loss suffered by Gus Hansen on Friday 16th - Saturday 17th where The Great Dane put in a huge 30 or so hour session where he lost $1.5 million dollars playing heads up in the big limit games over at Full Tilt Poker. The biggest beneficiary from Gus's wild session was Kyle "KPR16" Ray who bagged $650k from the FLO8 tables. To read about these huge games see our report here.

The biggest pot of the week once again came from the $200/$400 PLO tables at PokerStars, with patpatman doing the business;

Huge pot as patpatman flops the nuts, Barocde turns the nuts before patpatman rivers top full house to take this $402.6k pot - the biggest of the year

The final stretch of November resulted in Barcode winning $576k - making up 97% of his monthly win of $592k. He topped the table on three days during the last week of the month, including a huge $445k win on the final day of the month from the $200/$400 PLO tables, largely at the expense of Ilari FIN who dropped $430k. Barcode also won four of the five biggest pots of the week - here is the biggest;

Sauce123 is unlucky as he flops top set only to see Barcode catch up as he makes a runner runner straight for this $298.7k pot

We also saw a small comeback for Gus Hansen as he was this period's second biggest winner with a $227k score at Full Tilt playing Kagome Kagome at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables - a match you can read about here, along with Barcode's big +$445k day

November's Biggest Winners

patpatman +$774k

Sauce123 +$594.9k

Barcode +$592.2k

no_Ola +$551.8k

To see the month's results in full click here


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