More Big Scores At Full Tilt - DealMeInFast & Sauce123 Win Big

Another big day for Ben Sulsky as he continues to dominate the high stakes online action across both PokerStars and now Full Tilt
Tom Dwan has had a terrible couple of days at Full Tilt losing $700k in total

Once again the days biggest high stakes winners came from the tables of Full Tilt, as yet more $75/$150 PLO and $200/$400 NL 2-7 Triple Draw dominated proceedings. The days biggest winners, DealMeInFast (+$275.7k), Sauce1234 (+$219.4k) and 1Mastermind (+$203k) all making their big profits at the Triple Draw tables, and mostly at the expense of Tom "durrrr" Dwan who, after a bright start to the day ended up a $478k loser yesterday.

After making some inroads during some early morning (well, late night) NL Triple Draw, followed by some success at the PLO tables, Dwan was showing a decent profit, eventually taking a break around lunchtime  Things went wrong when he resumed playing after a 5-6 hour break as he played FLO8 $1k/$2k, $75/$150 PLO and the $200/$400 NL TD games in a straight 12 hour session. After a moderate to breakeven start things went badly wrong at the TD and PLO tables - especially during the last two sessions he ended with at TD netting him over $700k in losses, losing mainly to DealMeInfast in his -$213k performance at table Pequop and mostly to Sauce1234 during his -$550k showing at table Martingale where he played for 9 hours straight (with one 20 minute break).

These sessions accounted for all of the days biggest winners scores as once again Sauce1234 asserted his all round poker competency and is back over $4m in online high stakes winnings across the two sites.

It was a bad day for another big name also as Ben "bttech86" Tollerene also suffered at Full Tilt, losing $379.2k at the PLO tables after a terrible morning at the $75/$150 and $150/$300 PLO ring games playing against the likes of durrrr, pummelfee123, Ingenious89, DrugsOrMe and patpatpanda. It was during a six hour morning session where he lost all but $28k of his daily deficit, losing the last dregs during a brief 20 minute evening session.

The biggest beneficiary from the PLO losses of Tollerene appears to be Poker_KaMI who played three tables of $75/$150 PLO for just over three hours netting a very nice $183.2k win. Poker_KaMI also managed to take down the biggest recorded hand of the day during these sessions;

durrrr is way behind when the money goes in and needs to get lucky to take any of the pot, despite it being run twice. He is defeated twice in this $147.6k pot

There were no other six figure losers yesterday.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

DealMeInFast +$275.7k
Sauce1234 +$219.4k
1Mastermind +$203k
Poker_KaMI +$183.2k

Check out Monday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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