Seb86 & fishosaurusREX Clean Up at Full Tilt's 2-7 Triple Draw Tables

Seb86 takes top spot on yesterdays high stakes leaderboard with a $140k win

Once again the biggest scores of the day came from the high stakes tables of Full Tilt with limit pro's Sebastien "Seb86" Sabic and Eugene "fishosaurusREX" Yanayt taking the top spots on Tuesday's high stakes leader board with scores of $140.4k and $137.6k respectively.

In fact the top four finishers of the day all came from the 2-7 triple draw tables of Full Tilt with third and fourth places being made up of Alexonmoon ($124.8k) and Rui Cao ($121.7k).

All four benefited from big losses from Gus Hansen, and especially patpatpanda, who ended the days biggest loser as he dropped $304.3k as he played for thirteen hours straight at the 2-7 tables.

The biggest hand of the day came from some evening sessions of $75/$150 PLO, again played out at Full Tilt;

patpatman value bets his trip 2's but is beaten as pummelfee123 rivers a straight to take this $97.4k pot

The biggest pot over at PokerStars occurred during some heads up $50/$100 PLO;

yahii's turned Jacks full busts HeadShotSyoV's Aces - $96.1k pot

There was one other six figure winner yesterday and it was mTw-DaviN who posted a $100.1k win, again at PokerStars $50/$100 PLO tables, most of which came from a morning heads up session against Taurete07 where DaviN won close to $80k.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Seb86 $140.4k

fishosaurusREX $137.6k

Alexonmoon $124.8k

Rui Cao $121.7k

mTw-DaviN $100.1k


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