Full Tilt's $200/$400 CAP PLO Dominates Thursday's Online Action

A big win for Schoitl yesterday at the CAP PLO tables at Full Tilt tables

Once again the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables were home to the days biggest winners yesterday as the days four biggest winners won all or most of their money during the sessions which ran from morning right through to evening. In fact Full Tilt provided us with all six of the days six figure winners as fishosaurusREX and Seb86 took big scores at the 2-& Triple Draw tables.

The day's biggest winner was Schoitl who bagged an impressive $305.6k win in just under 2000 hands, played out over 10.5 hours play. SetoKaiba1 took close to $100k of his $195k win from the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables, also making good headway at the $1k/$2k 2-7 TD tables. Davin77 and Vaga_Lion make up the rest of the big $200/$400 PLO winners.

Of course, as they were CAP tables there were unfortunately no exciting six figure pots to enjoy - nevertheless - here is the biggest pot of the day;

Four way action here with AA v AA v KK in action - Davin77 gets lucky as he flops trip queens to take this $53.8k pot

Here is the day's biggest winner's biggest pot;

Schoitl busts LokoIsBack's Aces with a turned flush in this $48.2k pot

After topping yesterday's leader board with a $144k win yesterday saw Gus Hansen suffer a heavy $288.9k loss as he was outclassed at both the PLO and Triple Draw tables. It was also a rough day for LokoIsBack who dropped $203k in the PLO games.

The biggest winner of the day over at PokerStars was Team Online Pro Ike Haxton who won $88.4k in some heads up $50/$100 NLHE action with Sussie Smith.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Schoitl +$305.6k

SetoKaiba1 +$195.1k

Davin77 +$142.6k

Vaga_Lion +$136.9k

To see the complete list of winners and loser from Thursday's action see the highstakes results page or to catch up on current action see the live results section


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