Brian Townsend vs Patrik Antonius! Alot of action!

Finally we got some sick action again, and this time it was between two very solid players who have been doing very good lately. It was Brian Townsend (Sbrugby) vs Patrik Antonius (Luigi66369) and they played both texas holdem $300/600 HU and Omaha HI PL $200/400.

Omaha PL

Sbrugby started this session very hot and won two buyins from Patrik, but in just a couple of minuts Patrik had turnaround the stacks and started to hit alot of sick hands. Watch the largest hands from this session:

Brian started the session very good, very nice flop, $74k
Brian made a sick bet on turn but he didn't manange to scare Patrik, $175k
Patrick outdraw Brian on the river, $82k pot

Brian left the table but Patrik continue to play and after this hand he had a stack ~$450k but left the table with $394k.

Texas holdem

This time it was Patrik who started this session very good and at one point he had about $160k. But after a while Brian doubled up and then he just continued to win some sick pots, watch the largest hands from this very aggresive session:

Brian try to steal the pot on turn but Luigi didn't fold ;)
Brian flopped a middle set and after this hand he was unstoppable.
Brian hits the largest holdem hand this night, $164k pot
One of the last hands, both players flop a straight, $122k pot

When this session stopped Brian had a $400k stack and was +$260k. He also played some other $200/400 so Brians total results for texas holdem was +$320k. So he made a very good comeback since the earlier loss on Omaha.

Final results on our monitored sessions

Brian Townsend up ~$120k
Patrik Antonius up ~$20k



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