Table Starter feature introduced to High stakes No limit at PokerStars

As some of you may have already seen from the notice in the No limit lobby, PokerStars have implemented a new functionality called Table Starters for some of their high stakes tables, and it's currently in use at the $25/50 Cap NL tables. The tables with this feature have "Table Starter" at the start of their table name, with an icon of a new table in front of it (as seen in the picture)

Essentially the reasoning behind it is so that players are not forced to start playing a new table short-handed, so that hopefully it will help to prevent players waiting around for games so much.

PokerStars say: "Table Starter is similar to an 'Interest List' you would find at a live poker room, targeted toward a specific table type".

When a player wants to join one of these table lists, they can specify the minimum number of players that they are happy to play with. So if five players on the same list have set their preferences to a minimum of five players, a new table will be created and those players will start playing.

Another feature of Table Starter is that once a player joins the table, they are forced to play 18 hands, or otherwise face a 30-minute ban from the Table Starters functionality. This feature should hopefully help maintain games at least a little longer in certain situations, and somewhat prevent them from instantly breaking.

Ideally, with players not waiting around for games so much, Table Starter will somewhat increase action and people's willingness to play. It seems that at the minute the new feature has just been introduced to the $25/50 Cap No limit tables. We will have to wait and see how successful it is and whether it will be implemented at other stakes and other games

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