Big Limit Games Produces Days Biggest Winners as SallyWoo Wins $286k

The mysterious "SallyWoo"

It has been the Full Tilt CAP PLO games which have produced many of the big winners over the past couple of weeks of online high stakes action but yesterday we returned to Full Tilt's big limit games to find our big winners and losers. Top of the pile were SallyWoo with an impressive $286k win at the $1k/$2k FLO8 tables, closely followed by 1Mastermind at the $1k/$2k 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

SallyWoo rekindled his rivalry with Gus Hansen at the Limit Omaha tables as the pair faced off for a session which lasted close to 2.5 hours and it was all one way traffic as SallyWoo crushed The Great Dane for $228.7k. After this 233 hand session SallyWoo sat for an hour with no opponent before none other than Phil "Polarizing" Ivey showed up for a 40 minute session with no more success than Hansen as he dropped over $57k to his rampant rival.

The other big rivalry of the day played out at the triple draw tables where 1Mastermind crushed Eugene "fishosaurusREX" Yanayt at the $1k/$2k tables, enjoying a $236k win in a near 1000 hand, 5 hour session. 1Mastermind also enjoyed some success at the CAP PLO $200/$400 tables, scooping another $40k to end the day a $270k winner.

We also saw a couple of six figure winners over at PokerStars yesterday with Ronny "1-ronnyr3" Kaiser winning $110.5k at the $200/$400 PLO tables and JLlama winning $103.1k at the $25/$50 and $50/$100 NLHE tables heads up against wilhasha.

It was at the PokerStars $200/$400 PLO tables where the biggest hands took place yesterday, although once again the pots didn't get particularly close to six figures;

1-ronnyr3 hits running cards to take this $71.6k pot

Both players go in with open ended straight draws but in the end Ilari FIN's pair of Jacks win this $49.7k pot

Ilari may have taken down the day's second biggest pot but he ended as PokerStars biggest loser, dropping $90k - that's still some way behind fishosaurusREX's $274k and Hansen's $207k loss.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

SallyWoo +$286.1k
1Mastermind +$270.1k
1-ronnyr3 - $110.5k
JLlama +$103.1k

Check out Friday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.



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