Phil Ivey has a 460k Day

Phil Ivey was on top form yesterday as he won close to half a million dollars online

Phil Ivey obviously fancied a little extra spending money for Christmas so took to the highstakes tables of both Full Tilt and PokerStars yesterday, taking $460k in winnings between the sites.

His most significant score came at the 2-7 triple draw tables of Full Tilt playing as "Polarizing" where he had two particularly good heads up sessions, taking $150k from Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau in a morning session and close to $300k from Sebastien "Seb86" Sabic during an evening session. Although he dropped a little at the $200/$400 CAP PLO tables, Ivey still ended the day a $399.8k winner at Full Tilt. Ivey also won $60k over at PokerStars as RaiseOnce in just 10 minutes and 18 hands of play against yiyi01 and barcode.

There was more good action at PokerStars yesterday as GSinishtaj racked up another big win at the $50/$100 PLO tables, beating superbaldas and <xllllll<> heads up and winning $278.9k total - with close to $190k coming from superbaldas. GSinishtaj also took down the biggest pots of the day;

superbaldas gets it in ahead on the flop but GSinishtaj's Aces hold up as the board pairs on the turn in this $81.6k pot

Once again the aces hold although superbaldas picks up straight draws on the turn - $55.6k pot

Other six figure winners yesterday were Schoitl who picked up $154.7k in Full Tilt's CAP PLO games (although today he is currently close to $250k down in them today) and Gus Hansen who won $103.2k with medium sized wins at the PLO, FLO8 and 2-7 Triple Draw tables yesterday. He too is also involved in an action packed day today having won and lost six figure sums already.

The days biggest loser was 1Mastermind who dropped $246k, his biggest loss coming at table light beam (2-7 TD) with Alexonmoon taking over $150k from him.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Polarizing +$399.8k
GSinishtaj +$278.9k
Schoitl +$154.7k
Gus Hansen +$103.2k

Check out Sunday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.



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