1Mastermind Wins $317k & SallyWoo Now Up Over $1m in Three Days

1Mastermind was the big winner yesterday with a $317k score at Full Tilt

Yesterday saw 1Mastermind emerge as the days biggest winner as yet again Full Tilt Poker players dominated the leader board yesterday as he took big wins at the triple draw and PLO tables. We also saw SallyWoo beat up on Gus Hansen yet again at the Omaha hi lo tables and he now takes his three day winning total to just over $1 million.

He took around half his winnings in a heads up battle with fishosaurusREX at the triple draw tables. Despite losing at the vast majority of tables the played together 1Mastermind won a huge $292k at table St Kitts to emerge a $150k winner in the match up. He also won around $140k at $200/$400 CAP PLO tables and with other minor wins at the triple draw tables ended up a $317.7k winner for the day.

The ongoing FLO8 battle between SallyWoo and Gus Hansen over at Full Tilt sparked up yet again yesterday - and once more Hansen ended up a multiple six figure loser as SallyWoo came second on the daily leader board with a $241.7k win, coming entirely from the account of Gus Hansen. Actually Hansen started brightly, winning $110k from SallyWoo before they switched tables, at which point Gus went on a downswing, losing $353 at this table. In fact, now in the grips of a +$1m downswing Gus ended up losing $551k yesterday as he also lost at the triple draw and PLO tables and is on a 3 day $1.4 million downswing. Quite a way to end a week which had seen him over $900k in profit until the start of the weekend!

Gus's dip in fortunes however have certainly benefited SallyWoo who has gone from being a $500k loser at Full Tilt since its relaunch to its 5th biggest winner with a $558k profit.

There were two other six figure winners yesterday, again both from Full Tilt. Rafi "howisitfeellike" Amit made a $140.8k score mainly down to a $137k score at CAP PLO tables Niagra where the big loser was Gus Hansen. Follow The Hawk also made a $109.4k profit at Full Tilt yesterday at the triple draw tables - once again with the downward spiraling Gus Hansen as the loser.

Aside from Gus other six figure losers (all in in the -$100k region) were ronnyr37617, fishosaurusREX and DealMeInFast.

Full Tilt may provide all the big scores but not so much the big pots. Once again there were no big pots to speak of with the biggest two coming from the $50/$100NLHE & PLO tables over at PokerStars;

A superb call here from 0Human0 as he calls with 4th pair and finds forhayley had been bluffing every street - $56.8k pot

Unfortunate river for Johnthefast as knez1985's top set becomes a flush on the river to topple John's rivered straight - $48.4k pot

knez1985 was in fact the biggest winner of the day over at PokerStars with a $51.7k score.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

1Mastermind +$317.7k
SallyWoon +$241.7k
howisitfeellike +$140.8k
Follow The Hawk $109.4k

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