The Isildur1 Show Continues - Wins Another $344k

The upswing continues for the mighty Isildur1 as he wins another $344k yesterday

In less than a week young Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has now won approaching $2.5 million with an incredible run of results playing heads up at Full Tilt's high stakes triple draw and FLO8 tables. Incredibly, since his return to Full Tilt's tables he has now managed to go into the black on his account for the first time since that astounding $4.2 million heads up PLO loss to Brian Hastings on 8th December 2009. Isildur1's account at close of play yesterday was now $222,624 in credit in the high stakes games - when just last month it was over $2.9m in the red.

The day didn't start off to brightly for Blom as he quickly lost around $130k during sessions of triple draw to PostFlopAction and Alexonmoon. He quickly made up for these losses however after a short break as he started a new table with PostFlopAction and took him for over $142.5k in 45 minutes play before switching tables and taking him for a further $86,250 in a separate hour long session.

These results however did not mark the rise of Isildur1 yesterday as over the course of his next two sessions he plunged back into the negative as he firstly lost over $124k to cottonseed1 at the FLO8 tables and while doing so opened up another triple draw table with PostFlopAction and gave him back $69k over the next hour and a half putting him back to c.-$95k for the day. Blom was able to claw a little of this back (around $35k) against cottonseed1 as they met on several more occasions throughout that day, trading wins and losses but it was at the triple draw tables where Isildur1 ended up being victorious.

Over the course of some evening sessions Blom managed to walk away with over $300k from triple draw specialist Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau. He took $210k from an intense three hour session at table Duel during which it at first looked as though Isildur1 might burn straight through Luneau's entire bankroll as he relieved him of over $360k in almost no time at all - Luneau barely won a hand and seemed to be constantly reloading. The score evened a little over the course of the match although Blom never gave back the advantage before eventually quitting the table. Before the pair renewed hostilities there was time for Blom to take a quick $93k from SallyWoo in a 14 minute, 27 hand burst of FLO8 - for whatever reason it seems he enjoys a good hit and run against the Omaha hi lo specialist, having won and fled quickly from SallyWoo on several occasions now, something he will rarely do to any opponent.

Before quitting for the night Isildur1 played another 40 minutes or so against Alexonmoon, relieving him of another $100k or so to end the day by far the biggest winner with a $343.9k profit - $2.44m up for the week so far.

Currently Isidlur1 is also six figures to the good today having switched back to old favourite NLHE where he is currently around $150k up against Trueteller at the $300/$600 tables.

There was one other six figure winner at Full Tilt yesterday as finally Gus Hansen posted a winning day after a terrible re-start to his Full Tilt career. After positing a small win at the $500/$100 2-7 TD ring games Hansen graduated to the $1k/$2k tables where he also got to take a bit of Alexonmoon, taking $74k from him. Luneau ended the day as by far the biggest loser, posting a $357k loss. Hansen ended his day with a $42k win at the FLO8 tables against cottonseed1 who dropped from close to $200k profit for the day to a finishing total of just +$46.3k.

There was also a six figure winner at PokerStars yesterday as ChaoRen160 won $113k, all of which he took from HeadShotFyoV, heads up at the $50/$100 PLO tables. ChaoRen160 also took down all of the days biggest pots. Here are the biggest two;

It's never a good idea to bluff into the stone cold nuts as HeadShotFyoV finds out in this $76.2k pot

Massive cooler for HeadShotFyoV as his rivered Ace high flush is check-raised all in as he finds himself up against a rivered straight flush -$66k pot

With Isildur1 already on a roll today be sure to check out HSDB tomorrow for more updates.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$343.9k
Gus Hansen +$116.6k
ChaoRen160 +$113k
juuuiice +$79.9k

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