New super high roller winner crowned at the PCA

Superr high roller champ Scott Seiver

It's the 10th anniversary of the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, and the first results are in which include the $100,000 re-entry super high roller event

If you can afford it, there are few better ways to beat the winter blues than heading off to the Caribbean for a bit of January sunshine. And if you can afford it then there are few better ways for a poker player to get the new year kick started than playing the $100,000 re-entry opening event of the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure. The strange thing is that many of the players who are in with the best chances of winning this event can’t afford to play it, at least from the perspective of sensible bankroll management. Conversely, the kind of people who do buy in to these types of event entirely on their own money tend to be those who wouldn’t be considered amongst the favourites to win. Quite how we got to this situation where so much of the prize pool is being put up by people who aren’t even playing in the event is anybody’s guess, but that seems to be the accepted norm these days.

Day 1 saw 47 players initially stump up the $100k, with 10 of those buying a second chance for the same amount, including Tom Dwan, Isaac Haxton and Philipp Gruissem. It turned out to be the right choice for Gruissem who then had a complete reversal of fortune and ended day 1 as chip leader of the 37 remaining players.

Day 2 belonged to David “Doc” Sands who in quick succession took out Vivek Rajkumar (won a race), Phil Ivey (value bet 2 pair which held against a draw) and Vanessa Selbst (called a stone cold river bluff with the absolute nuts.) Each of these were pretty huge pots, placing Sands as a commanding chip leader as play ended once the final table of eight had been reached. The Doc’s towering stack was worth more than the next four biggest stacks combined, meaning that there would be some serious catching up to be done on the final day if anyone was to take the title away from Sands.

A rapid redistribution of the chips is exactly what we got once the final table was underway as three players busted in the first orbit, although Sands kept clear of the action as Dan Shak, Vladimir Troyanovsky and Greg Jensen all saw their hopes dashed in quick succession. Early leader Philipp Gruissem had kept himself in contention but he eventually exited in fourth place at the hands of Scott Seiver, who was starting to build a stack to challenge Sands.

Seiver had actually taken the chip lead briefly at that point until Sands then knocked out Cary Katz and Nick Schulman to regain the lead as heads up play started. A deal was briefly discussed but never really got going when Seiver wanted more than his chip equity share, and Sands must have been delighted to have rejected the deal when he subsequently got it all in pre flop with pocket tens against nines. A crushing set on the flop for Seiver though denied Sands instant victory and saw 85% of the chips in play head Seiver’s way instead. It was a blow that Sands could not recover from and it did not take long for Seiver to turn that 85% into 100% to become the new super high roller champion.

Payouts from event 1 of the PCA:

1 – Scott Seiver $2,003,480

2 – David Sands $1,259,320

3 – Nick Schulman $744,140

4 – Cary Katz $543,800

5 – Philipp Gruissem $400,700

6 – Greg Jensen $286,200

7 – Vladimir Troyanovsky $257,580

8 – Dan Shak $228,960


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