Isildur1 Wins $1.33 Million Yesterday - Destroys Galfond & Sauce in Huge PLO Games

Isildur1 sits with over $1.5m on the tables after crushing Sauce1234 at $400/$800 PLO last night
Isildur1 has plenty to smile about this week after winning over $4m at Full Tilt

Just when we thought Viktor "Isildur1"' Blom's incredible run at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt couldn't possibly get any better he produced the best online winning day since before Black Friday as he took his opponents for $1,356,296 yesterday.

Winning at triple draw, FLO8 and PLO Blom didn't lose a single encounter yesterday and obliterated two of the online games biggest ever winners (and two of the best PLO players in the world) in Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond and Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky.  Isidlur1 managed to strip the pair of more than $1m between them.

After a more or less break-even (+$3.75k) session of triple draw against regular rival PostFlopAction railbirds flocked to the $250/$500 (deep w ante) PLO tables to see a heads up encounter between Isildur1 and Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond. The pair played two tables for just over an hour and from the start Blom took the initiative and, to be fair, had the cards to back up his bets. Blom dominated both tables and by the time Galfond quit he had lost a combined $317k to the rampant Swede. Galfond left the tables telling Blom that "you win this time Viktor"

However, Galfond was not finished and a few hours later the two were back at the tables, this time at 2-7 Triple Draw. This doesn't appear to be the best move Galfond has ever made as he was totally outclassed and lost a quickfire $132k across two tables in just over half an hour. Of course again Viktor ran well but Galfond appeared rusty and, to be honest, out of his depth during this brief encounter.

Blom then moved on to the FLO8 tables to face another regular opponent (who he has done some serious damage to already this year) cottonseed1. After a slow start once again Blom motored away to around a $150k lead before cottonseed1 made a spirited comeback, Blom eventually quitting the table a c.$40k winner after an hour and a half or so of $2k/$4k.

It looked like that might be the end of another highly productive day for Isildur1 as his months winnings surpassed the $3 million mark. Just a few hours later though came the match we had all been waiting for - three tables of $400/$800 (deep w antes) PLO heads up against the in form player of the past 12 months, Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky.

A fair few Isildur1 "fanboi's" must have been both excited and nervous at the prospect of such a huge game considering Sauce's dominance in these games of late, coupled with Mr Blom's tendency to tilt badly if he finds himself on the end of a bad session. This may be controllable in the limit games but in a multi-tabled deep stacked game of $400/$800 PLO the $3m Isildur1 had accumulated could well all be at risk - we've certainly seen it before from Blom in similar circumstances.

This time however there were significant differences; 1) Isildur1 is an infinitely better PLO player than when he lost his roll to Brian Hastings back in 2009, 2) He appears to have set himself stop losses (to a degree) and, most importantly 3) He didn't run like hell and had some great spots/hands.

The match, as you might expect, started somewhat tentatively, with each player feeling the other out. Blom made some very rare checks on the river with the best hand - something you wouldn't normally expect from a player as relentlessly aggressive as him. However he soon started opening up and really putting Sauce under pressure.

Of course we will never know the cards he held in the non-showdown pots but as the game got into its stride he seemed to making all the right moves at all the right times. He was making big check raises to force folds, value betting well and getting paid off and firing multiple barrels which had Sauce folding a lot of rivers in decent sized pots. He also played a few pots well holding great hands when his opponent held better ones, managing to lose the minimum on occasions when he could well have lost massive six figure pots. It's hard to deny however that he certainly ran well and hit some good hands at the right time.

The match certainly provoked interest, and with folk clamouring to know the latest updates on the duel HighstakesDB recorded our highest ever traffic figures during and after the match.

After weeks without a six figure pot in sight, due to this match (and the earlier encounter with OMGClayAiken) we were treated to 17 six figure pots yesterday, including the biggest pot we've seen since before Full Tilt closed for business back in 2011. Here are the biggest four pots of last nights encounter;

Viktor must have not believed his luck when Sauce bet into him on the river just as he'd made the stone cold nuts - $428.5k pot

Isildur1 was actually a 55%-45% favourite to win this pot when the money went in but Sauce's two pair hold to take this $304.4k pot

Isildur1 turns top full house and gets paid off by Sauce1234 in this $247.5k pot

Isildur1 gets a little lucky to hit his flush on the river to take this $240k pot

As Isildur1 walked away with 8 of the 10 biggest pots of the day it will come as no surprise that he walked away a big winner from this match, with Sauce finally conceding with a "gg isi gl" after he had been stripped of $743k in the two hour, 459 hand session. As soon as Sauce uttered his words of concession Isildur1 said "gg" and quit the tables.

This looked to be the end of proceedings for yesterday. However, before he really quit for the night there was still time for Isildur1 to take a further $89.2k from Alexonmoon during an hour and a half session of triple draw.

With his huge haul yesterday Isildur1 now stands at a huge $4.1 million profit for the first 8 days of 2013 - a considerably larger figure than that which Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky topped the entire 2012 high stakes leader board

Although their results may pale into insignificance next to that of Isildur1, there were a few other six figure winners yesterday worthy of note.

Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene won $234.1k, mostly playing Schoitl at $200/$400 CAP PLO yesterday morning. In pretty much any other month Tollerene's achievements over the past eight days would certainly have got a lot more coverage in the daily reports as he is now showing a $669k profit already for January - it's just that at every turn Isildur1 has played so many more varied, interesting and successful matches that it's tough to not make seemingly every report revolve around him.

We also had a $150k winner at PokerStars where noobmare took on ChaoRen160 and yahii (both heads up) at $50/$100 PLO and beat them both soundly. Follow The Hawk also enjoyed another successful day at the triple draw ring games, winning $144k at the $1k/$2k tables.

As well as the obvious big losses incurred by Galfond and Sulsky it was also a bad day for Gus Hansen who wrote off his previous two days good work, losing $368.4k yesterday at the FLO8 and 2-7 TD tables.

Can Viktor Blom's incredible run continue? Will the sharks be circling, awaiting the usual inevitable decline? Or will the online legend manage to control his tempestuous gambling urges and exercise a bit of bankroll management on his way to emptying the accounts of lesser mortals? We await developments with baited breath...

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$1,356,296
Bttech86 +$234,087
noobmare +$150,076
Follow The Hawk +$143,986

Check out Tuesday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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