Sauce1234 Gets $392k of Revenge as Isildur1 Finally Slips Up

Sauce1234 took back half of his losses from the previous day from arch rival Isildur1 yesterday
The Isildur1 freight train ground to a halt yesterday as he offloaded some of his weeks winnings at the PLO and triple draw tables

The incredible run of Viktor "Isildur1" Blom had to come to an end at some point - and it came at the hands of his biggest victim from Tuesday's matches Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky. Sulsky ended the day as the biggest high stakes winner, taking away $392.8k from his endeavours, while Blom, who also lost a little at the triple draw tables, ended the day $509k down.

However, this was by no means a whitewash for Sulsky as until the last hour or so of their 5.5 hour encounter at the $400/$800 (deep with antes) PLO tables Blom was actually around $250k up for the day ($350k up for the match) before hitting a huge downswing and depleting his entire bankroll.

Obviously Isildur1 had withdrawn or transferred a great deal of his $4.1m winnings, leaving himself half a million to play with as during the the match at certain points he was unable to reload and was splitting tables if he reached enough to fill two full buy ins.

The match started off well for Blom but he soon found himself having to work very hard to stay afloat, In fact he was down to $70k on one table before doubling up a couple of times to reach $300k whereupon he split tables. Thus started a big upswing for the young Swede who again made some great check raises, calls, and of course putting the obligatory cooler or two on Sauce. At his peak Blom had over $750k on the tables at which point play had switched from 2 tables to 3 tables.

It was a rough ride for Isildur1 during the last stretch of play as he lost pot after pot after pot in an astonishingly brutal downswing, including some ill timed bluffs and big, unsuccessful call downs.

Sauce will be relieved as at his lowest ebb he was down over $1.1m to Blom over the past two days but is now just over $350 in the hole to the FT pro. You have to hand it to Sulsky, he is a hell of a competitor and played extremely well to ride the waves created by  an extremely aggressive and in form Blom to end up victorious.

It's still early days to speculate as to whether Viktor has learned some bankroll management, as less face it, $500k is a hell of a big loss. However in terms of buy ins this really wasn't a terrible defeat and it's encouraging that Isildur had the sense to offload some of his winnings to protect his profit rather than let it all ride while in the throws of a tilting downswing.

When the game ended plans were made between the two to meet again today for more action (see chat below)

Isildur1: gg
Sauce1234: gg
Isildur1: play tomorrow if u like
Sauce1234: sure, what time
Sauce1234: roughly
Isildur1: in 12 hrs or sth like that?
Isildur1: dont know cu
Sauce1234: ok

The match was jam packed with huge pots with well over 30 six figure pots with the +$200k pots going into double figures Here are the biggest three;

Isildur1 takes down the biggest pot of the day without even going to showdown - $303.7k pot

Isildur1 gets paid off with the nuts after a big river bet - $291.9k pot

Bit of a cooler for Isildur1 as he hits his flush on the river as Sauce1234 makes an unlikely runner runner full house - $262.5k pot

In other games earlier in the day Isildur1 also helped the days second biggest winner on his way as PostFlopAction won his $218.9k during two stints (totaling 2 hours) of 2-7 triple draw play against Blom.

We also saw six figure wins for Poker_KaMI who took his $151.9k at the CAP PLO $200/$400 tables against Schoitl. SallyWoo took $123.8k against Gus Hansen at the FLO8 tables and cottonseed1 also won at the FLO8 tables, taking his $116.4k against Phil "Polarizing" Ivey.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Sauce123 +$392.8k

PostFlopAction +$218.9k

Poker_KaMI +$151.9k

SallyWoo +$123.9k

Check out Wednesday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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