Isildur1 Wins $500k & Crushes Sauce1234 & durrrr Along the Way

Viktor Blom is still firing on all cylinders as he crushed the games for half a million again yesterday

Isildur1 recouped the entire $1/2 million he lost in Wednesday's games yesterday with another exhilarating display of power poker. Despite losing $550k during the day playing Omaha hi lo he was still able to turn a massive profit after destroying Tom "durrrr" Dwan for over $300k at the triple draw tables and annihilating Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky for over $730k in some heads up triple draw and PLO action.

Isildur's day started with a small c.$30k loss to Sauce1234 at the triple draw tables in a late afternoon session before he moved on to a table of FLO8 vs cottonseed1 and a table of triple draw against fellow FT Pro Tom "durrrr" Dwan. His results at the tables couldn't have been more different. Despite a strong start at the FLO8 table where Blom moved into a decent six figure lead, cottonseed1 pegged him back before going on to totally dominate the Swede throughout the majority of their 4.5 hour battle - at one point sitting on a stack of $750k (he was in for $300k however so this was a c.$450k profit). On the other table however, Blom dominated Dwan who kept repeatedly buying in for $15k after busting his initial stake before quitting for a while around $200k down. When play resumed there was a brief comeback from Dwan before he lost a further $100k, ending the session a $320k loser. His departure at the table opened up a space for Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky who quickly lost his $120k buy in to Isildur1 while at the same time Blom made a small comeback at the FLO8 tables, eventually ending up a $364k loser in that match.

At the end of the Sauce vs Isildur triple draw session Sulsky commented "let's play PLO" to which Blom readily agreed - much to the excitement of the many spectating railbirds.

The two resumed their three day battle at the $400/$800 (deep with antes) PLO battle, both buying in for the $120k max on two tables. Things got off to a terrible start for Isildur1 as he dropped a buy in on the very first hand as his turned Ace high flush met Sauce's turned full house - see hand here. However, the very next hand Blom won a good six figure pot and very soon was practically even while at the same time building a lead on the other table.

After some jostling for position Isildur1 started to establish a clear lead on both tables and really starting to work over his struggling opponent. It can't have helped Sauce that he had already lost over $300k yesterday prior to starting this big PLO session.

Eventually we were down to one table as Isildur1 worked up a $600k stack on one table while holding a considerable lead on the remaining table. The final blow came as Sauce1234 deliberated a big river bet from Blom in a $168k pot before opting to call off his remaining $50k only to see his opponent turn over the nut flush - see hand here

With over $1m at the tables Blom ended the session a $640k winner, sending Sauce packing a million dollar loser for the day.

At $680k up for the day Viktor could have opted to end his session. This just isn't his style however and he continued to play for another 9 hours at the triple draw and FLO8 tables, only recently finishing play!

At his high point Isildur1 was over $800k up for the day, but once again he fell foul of the FLO8 tables, losing around $240k to KPR16 and also letting a six figure lead slip in a triple draw match, ending only a small winner.

In total he ended yesterday's play a $500.9k winner and with matches that spilled over midnight is currently $73k up today - as such he is now at his highest profit point of the year with c.$4.15 million in winnings.

Second on the winners list was Kyle "KPR16" Ray who won an impressive  $315.2k winner, mainly from the Isildur1 sessions, but also at the lower $500/$1000 games against Erik1223 and PixKim. With $270.5k in winnings we see cottonseed1, a little down on his days highpoint after losing some ($65k) back to Isildur1 in a late night session and a little ($27k) to Erik1223.

Other six figure winners were davin77 who won $184.4k at at $200/$400 CAP PLO tables; SallyWoo who took $178.8k - largely from Phil "Polarizing" Ivey and Phil "OMGClayAiken" who won $161k yesterday, his win coming off the back of a $191k session against PostFlopAction at the triple draw tables. We also saw Ben "Bttech86" enjoy another good day as he won $123.5k, mainly at the $150/$300 PLO tables - here is his biggest pot of the session.

Tom Dwan is a little unlucky to lose both runs at this hand to quads and a full house - $141.4k pot

We look forward to more action tonight with Viktor still anxious to play allcomers at the highest stakes and with a big online roll ready for action.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$500.1k
KPR16 +$315.2k
cottonseed1 +$270.5k
davin77 +$184.4k

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