Isildur1 Up Over $5 Million Since Full Tilt Relaunch - Destroys Sauce1234 for $600k Again

Isildur1 is still riding his incredible wave of results as he goes over and above $5m in winnings since Full Tilts relaunch
A bad week for Ben Sulsky who is close to $2m down courtesy of Isildur1 and the PLO tables

For the fourth consecutive night Full Tilt Poker's $400/$800 PLO tables became railbird heaven as once again Viktor "Isildur1" Blom faced off against 2012's biggest online winner Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky in a swingy three hour match across deep with antes tables. With his $619.2k win yesterday he is $5.1 million since Full Tilt's relaunch just two months ago - over $4.6 million of which has come since January 1st.

The pair had in fact met a couple of hours earlier at the $250/$500 PLO tables where Sulsky had put a c.$150k beating on his opponent. All in all it wasn't shaping up to be a very good day for Blom as he had also suffered at the triple draw tables where he had lost c.$100k and also at the FLO8 tables - prior to the start of the $400/$800 match Isildur1 was around $325 down on the day - and it was to get worse before it got better.

There was no tentative play this time around as big pots exchanged hands almost from the word go with both players inevitably enjoying and suffering multiple six figure swings throughout the course of the match. After being starved of any six figure pots for several weeks with all the limit and CAP play these two players have now provided us with over 300 six figure pots in just the last four days!

First true blood really fell to Sulsky as after around 300 hands he had worked up a c.$300k lead in the match and it was looking like the bad day at the office some have long been anticipating for Isildur1. However, with multiple six figure stacks at all tables it really doesn't take long to turn a considerable deficit into a considerable advantage in these games - and with a good wind, some big hands, the obligatory handful of big non showdown pots (of the like Blom so regularly takes down with big river bets) and some sick coolers Isildur1 was able to ride the wave of momentum and go on a c.$1 million upswing.

It has to be said that, certainly in the last half of the match Isildur1 ran very well, although the run-it-twice feature certainly enabled him to make some all in calls/bets he may not have risked with only one chance to take the pot. Nowhere is this more true that in the biggest pot of the day;

Isildur1 is lucky to twice outdraw Sauce1234 in this $427.7k pot

The big pots in matches like this can make all the difference, and it wasn't just getting outdrawn which sent Sauce to bustoville - when you're on the end of coolers like this you know it's really not going to be your day.

Most rivers here would have resulted in a check fold for Sauce and a net loss of around $21k - this river seemed ripe for a raise however, and it ended up costing him over $150k in this mega cooler $303.9k pot

After this pot Sauce1234 attempted a comeback but was soon on the end of yet more bankroll damaging pots as Isildur1 moved away from his opponent on all three tables. The final straw came as Sauce busted in a big hand on table Buehler - a table on which he went from a $100k lead to a c.$300k loss

Sauce1234 decided to call down one of Isildur1's frequent large river bets only to come up against a rivered full house - $185.9k pot

After this hand Sulsky decided to abandon his latest attempt to wrestle some of Isildur1's burgeoning bankroll as he offered a "gg" before quitting. Sulsky is now over $1.8 million down at Full Tilt this year, nearly all to Blom at PLO and a little triple draw.

Blom took over $700k from Sauce in this final PLO session to put him back to c.$400k in profit for the day before going to take on durrrr and patpatpanda simultaneously heads up at FLO8. On a roll, Blom took six figure wins from both players in two hours of play to end the day a $619k winner.

Blom wasn't yet finished (although results from other games will be counted in today's results as Isildur1's other matches started after midnight server time) and also posted more FLO8 winnings and a six figure triple draw session where he won $170k from yesterdays second biggest winner CRAIN85 before retiring for a few hours sleep.

Already today Viktor has been back at the tables and is currently the days biggest winner again - having already built up a +$400k score.

Apologies once again for not spending much time on the other six figure winners but the interest in Isildur1's progress is too great to ignore at the moment.

As mentioned, CRAIN85 was the days second biggest winner with a $187k score at the triple draw tables after a $240k win against PostFlopAction. SallyWoo took $172.7k at the FLO8 tables with Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene enjoying another six figure day at the PLO tables posting a $131.6k win. Finally good old Gus Hansen is still plugging away and managed to turn in a $102.8k win yesterday, winning his money during a heads up FLO8 battle against KPR16.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Isildur1 +$619.2k
CRAIN85 +$187k
SallyWoo +$172.7k
Bttech +$131.6k
Gus Hansen +$102.8k

Check out Friday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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