Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond Wins $508k While Isildur1 Lets a $1m Day Slip Away

Phil Galfond was back on song yesterday after a poor showing on Wednesday as he won over half a million dollars at Full Tilt yesterday
Despite hitting a $600k downswing yesterday Isildur1 still ended the day a half million dollar winner

Yesterday saw a huge amount of high stakes action over at Full Tilt, and as the day came to an end the biggest winner of them all was Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond who won $507.8k at the triple draw and FLO8 tables. Close behind was Viktor "Isildur1" who added another $475.8k to his 2013 winnings which crashed through the $5m mark yesterday.

Yesterdays win more than addresses Galfond's $408k loss from Wednesday putting him over $1/4 million to the good since his return to Full Tilt. His biggest win yesterday came against patpatanda at the FLO8 tables, taking him for $282k in a three hour session. He also enjoyed a six figure win over Isidlur1 at the triple draw tables as well as $50-$60k wins from KPR16 and Follow The Hawk at the FLO8 and triple draw tables.

The biggest action of the day however (and as ever) came courtesy of Isildur1 who had some great sessions at the big bet games, taking on Alex "IReadYrSoul/Kanu7" Millar at the $300/$600 NLHE tables before resuming his battle with Sauce1234 at a tables of $250/$500 PLO.

Despite playing relatively little NLHE in recent years Blom was unstoppable against Millar as he took him for $704k in just over an hour and half of play. Blom won 7 of the 9 six figure pots along the way, here is the biggest;

Blom makes a bold bet on the river with his two pair and IReadYrSoul makes an even bolder (but unsuccessful) call - $205.9k pot

Of course one relatively short session of nosebleed NLHE is not a real indicator of how a longer set of matched might turn out between these two who have enjoyed plenty of tussles in the past. However, it speaks volumes of Blom's all round poker proficiency that he is able to take on the the player who has been the biggest online NLHE winner for both 2011 and 2012 and inflict on him the biggest beating of his career. Millar was extremely gracious in defeat, wishing Isildur1 well and congratulating him on his recent run.

A slightly more fractious encounter eventually took place between Isildur1 and Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky a little later at a table of $250/$500 PLO. Sauce had asked Isildur1 to play him at $150/$300 but been refused as Isildur1 claimed to be "too tired" to play low (presumably the adrenaline at a $150/$300 PLO match wouldn't have been sufficient to hold his interest). This refusal led to a little heated exchange, transcribed below;

Sauce1234: hey
Isildur1: hi
Sauce1234: 3 tables 150/300 RiT ?
Isildur1: to tiered for that
Sauce1234: i know smal for you but im v broke
Sauce1234: i want chance to play again
Isildur1: come 4800 1 table, we can do rit
Sauce1234: not so nice to win 2m and then refuse to play below 4/800
Isildur1: lol u dont think im fair
Sauce1234: no, never have
Isildur1: i can drop down to 255500 for you
Sauce1234: no
Isildur1: hah
Isildur1: then get out of here
Sauce1234: if i win cpl sesh we move up
Sauce1234: or when i get money on here
Isildur1: sure ill wait
Isildur1: gl
Sauce1234: good sport isil ...

Despite this slightly frosty exchange the $250/$500 compromise was eventually made and the two opened up a single table for what turned out to be a 2hr 45 minute session.

Isildur1 lead the session pretty much from the start and it seemed always to be a case of Sauce1234 playing catch up - something he could never quite achieve.

In the end the match came down to one enormous mega cooler for Sauce;

Somehow Isildur1 manages to scoop both halves of this massive pot, despite Sauce1234 having 82% equity when the cards were flipped over - $401.6k pot

If ever there was an argument that Isildur1's current win rate has a lot to do with running over EV then that pot will be the single biggest piece of evidence. Of course that would be a massive oversimplification of two weeks of awesome play from Blom but even the most ardent Isildur1 fan might have felt a little bit for Sauce after that pot ended the match - which left Blom a $273k winner. Despite their earlier confrontation and that sickening end to the match for Sauce, he was classy enough to issue a "gg" before leaving to lick his wounds after another heavy PLO defeat to Isildur1.

At this point Isildur1 was up close to $1.1m for the day but, despite claiming tiredness to Sauce several hours before he continued to play on after their match ended for a further eight hours - racking up 17 hours of continuous heads up play. After playing for a similar length of time the previous day it seemed to catch up with him as his displays at the FLO8 and triple draw tables seemed erratic and a little unfocussed and he ended up on a $600k downswing at the limit tables to the likes of SallyWoo and OMGClayAiken before finally quitting this morning. Still, I guess there aren't many better times to go on a $600k downswing than during a day when you've been on a $1.1m upswing.

Even after his downswing, due to his NLHE win, Isildur1 is now the biggest winner at the new Full Tilt at PLO, NLHE, FLO8 and 2-7 Triple Draw.

Talking of downswings, they don't get much bigger than Gus Hansen's who has been on a $3.5m one since Full Tilt got up and running again. Yesterday however he took a $352k win at the FLO8 and triple draw tables - winning c.$200k at the triple draw tables against Kagome Kagome and c.$150k vs cottonseed1 at the FLO8 tables. As much as I don't want to jinx Gus when he's on a roll I'm happy to report that he is also currently over $300k up today also - again winning against cottonseed1 at FLO8 and taking PostFlopAction for over $200k at the triple draw tables. Long may his run continue!

We also saw six figure wins for SallyWoo who took $250.8k after catching Isildur1 on his downswing, and PostFlopAction who posted a $146k win yesterday before losing it back with interest this morning.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

OMGClayAiken +$507.8k
Isildur1 +$475.8k
Gus Hansen +$352k
SallyWoo +$250.8k

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