Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond Takes Isildur1 For $1m at PLO

Phil Galfond is on a $1.5 million roll at Full Tilt over the past couple of days
Whereas Viktor Blom is now on a seven figure downswing after a blazing start to 2013

The big downswing most people at least semi expected of Isildur1 finally came to fruition yesterday as he went on a huge $1.7m downswing from late Saturday night to late Sunday night. In terms of daily wins/losses his earlier upswing meant he still cleared nearly half a million profit for Saturday although yesterday, after OMGClayAiken had finished with him he ended the day a $1.077 million loser.

For Galfond however it has been a great couple of days as his $1.07m win yesterday puts him close to $1.6m to the good in the past couple of days, catapulting him to second on the overall Full Tilt leader board since the November relaunch.

Their match started in the afternoon with Isidlur1 already around $170k down on the day after some FLO8 and triple draw losses as they fired up three tables of $200/$400 PLO. For a little while it looked ominously like Isildur1 was heading towards another quickfire demolition of Galfond as he surged into a $400k lead in the space of just 200 hands - a quite spectacularly quick ascent, with Isildur1 hitting everything in sight. The tide turned almost as quickly however as by the 500 hand mark the lead had already been eroded and when Isildur1 left the tables after 517 hands he was actually a $76k loser.

When Isildur1 suddenly sat out at all three tables, Galfond enquired whether he was finished to which Blom eventually replied that he had had enough at the $200/$400 tables but would play 3 x $300/$600 with run it twice enabled. Galfond replied that he would have to grab some coffee before the resumption of play. In the three minutes wait Isildur1 managed to grab a quick $38k at FLO from cottonseed1 before PLO hostilities once again took centre stage.

This is where the demolition really began. In just 197 hands Galfond took Blom for another $415k - and it's not even as if Isildur1 could claim to be running bad as at this point he was still running very slightly above all in EV in the match. His big flop raises and river bets which had proved so profitable in the past turned into his mortal enemies as Galfond set him on furious tilt. Whether he was trying to operate some kind of tilt control or whether he had simply run out of money in his account (very unlikely as he jumped straight into a triple draw game) Blom once again quit the PLO tables.

A quick c.$100k win playing mastrblastr at triple draw prompted Blom to return to the $300/$600 PLO tables with Galfond just 3/4 of an hour after his last pasting. Initially things began to look up for Isildur1 as he was able to mount something of a comeback, winning back around $270k before Galfond once again clawed back the advantage, ending this 75 minute session losing just $28k back to Blom, who once again quit the tables - no doubt frustrated at his inability to sustain a decent profitable session.

Yet again it only took a short while before Isildur1 was back at the $300/$600 tables and yet again he started the session winning a little back from Galfond, before yet again Galfond recouped his losses before hammering his opponent - ending this c.400 hand session with another $370k added to his bankroll from the coffers of Mr Blom.

Once again Isildur1 retreated to the relative safety of the limit tables where he proceeded to win c.$187k - over $160k of which came from SallyWoo and the rest from cottonseed1 - before having one final crack at OMGClayAiken at the $300/$600 PLO tables. Unfortunately for Blom in just 20 minutes he managed to lose another $1/4 million dollars before eventually deciding he wasn't going to get anywhere against a rampant Galfond who was completely dominating his opponent and quit him for good - having donated just under $1.08 million in 1,973 hands of play.

Through the course of their sessions the pair played plenty of six figure pots including four in excess of $200k. Here are the biggest three, all won by Galfond;

With the pre-flop raising war it's possible this hand was a bad beat for Isildur1 as Galfond turns top full house and gets paid off - $263.6k pot

Isildur1 obviously misses a big draw as OMG wins this $226.8k pot uncontested on the river

Cooler for Isildur1 as Galfond shows the bigger turned straight - $220.5k pot

Of course, Isildur1 didn't leave the tables, despite having been at them for for close to 11 straight hours and suffered a terrible battering. He played on for another five hours at the FLO8 tables, where he managed to win back c.$73k and a 2 hour session of $250/$500 PLO against Sauce1234 which netted Blom a further $36k. These modest wins however will be counted in today's figures as they took place post midnight server tiime.

OMGClayAiken wasn't the days only big winner as Gus Hansen added to his previous days $352k win with a great $538k win, his two most noticeable wins being a $205k score versus PostFlopAction and a $197k win over Kagome Kagome - both at the 2-7 triple draw tables.

Hansen is now showing an $822k profit for the past 3 days - a great haul for sure - but merely a fraction of his recently inflicted losses. He will be hoping to extend his winning streak a little longer this time, as last time he hit a similar profit over a few days he immediately fell straight into a huge seven figure downswing.

Hansen is currently back at the tables and currently a $150k winner today - let's see if he can keep it up.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

OMGClayaiken +$1.07m
Gus Hansen +$538.1k
toweliestar +$62.1k
gunning4you +$46k

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