PostFlopAction Makes A Half Million Dollar Score - Up $1.3m in 4 Days

PostFlopAction is piling on the winnings at the mixed game tables this week - adding another $517k yesterday

After some big six figure swings this year it appears that Alex "PostFlopAction" Kostritsyn has put his erratic form behind him once and for all this month as a $517.5k win in yesterday's mixed games put him over the $1.1 profit mark for 2013 - a c.$1.3m upswing in just the past four days.

Another player who had been enjoying a great week however could not maintain his momentum as patpatpanda lost a huge $636.6k in the games, much of this to PostFlopAction as $300/$600 tables Quinn and Knick. The other big loser in these games was punting-peddler who, after a bright start to the year has now lost a staggering $1.6m in the past week.

The other big winner in the mixed games was Erik1223 who is also on something of a roll at the moment as his $188.4k score (again, a stint at $300/$600 provided him with his days profit) puts his weekly winnings over the $1.1m mark and after a poor start to the year now finds himself an $855k winner so far in January.

Also putting in a six figure performance was Kyle "cottonseed1" Hendon who resumed his ongoing heads up war with Gus Hansen. Today cottonseed1 walked away the winner, bagging a $169.6k win after the 10 hour +1000 hand session of FLO8 with The Great Dane. Things could have been worse for Gus as around halfway through their epic battle cottonseed1 had opened up a c.$330k lead before being slightly pegged back. All in all Gus had a pretty much breakeven day after some earlier wins at the mixed tables.

There were a couple more six figure winners at Full Tilt as the always consistent ronnyr37617 won at both the PLO and mixed games tables to log a $137.7k win and is now up over half a million dollars at the site this year, and up over $700k since Full Tilt reopened for business last November.

Online and live cash game legend Patrik Antonius also did well yesterday, winning $104.1k in the mixed games, although he is currently not faring so well today, down c.$170k so far.

We also saw a (rare for these days) six figure win at PokerStars high stakes tables as Barcode racked up a $138.1k profit - $127k of which came from a three handed session of $200/$400 PLO with Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies and Ignat "0Human0" Liviu.

This session also gave us our two biggest recorded hands, both going to Barcode;

Barcode's two pair fade Ilari's nut flush draw and actual make a straight on the river to take this $83.3k pot

A dubious call from Ilari with just an overpair and top pair on the flop. He is crushed by Barcode's flopped set in this $67.9k pot

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

PostFlopAction +$517.7k
Erik1223 +$188.4k
cottonseed1 +$169.6k
Barcode +$138.1k

Check out Sunday's full high stakes results, or follow the games as they takes place via the livepoker results.


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