Undercover +$470k on Prima the last 24h

The prima player Undercover have showed us some really good skills on the heads up tables the last 24h. He have been playing two sessions, the first one was against luckexpress, we had alot of big swings in that session but in the end Undercover managed to win some nice hands and he was up ~$220k

Undercover probably thought he was beat on the river, $82k pot
Luckexpress won a kinda strange pot against Undercover, $97k pot
But Undercover came back and this was one of the last hands, $101k pot

The second heads up session was against KillBill, which also had a nice session earlier on the day against -NoName-. But when it was time to face Undercover it didn't worked out so well and Undercover won ~$250k:

Undercover hits the perfect turn and once more AK is busted, $128k pot
Undercover check-raise the river, $130k pot

Final results for Undercover was +$470k on 1587 hands.

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