Rui Cao Takes Early Advantage in His $1m Challenge Match Vs Patrik Antonius

First blood goes to Rui Cao in his $1m three discipline challenge against fan favourite Patrik Antonius

It would appear the unofficial $1m Challenge at Full Tilt Poker between rivals Rui Cao and Patrik Antonius has got underway - with the early advantage going to the young French pro.

The pair squared off this morning at the $1500/$3000 2-7 Triple Draw tables in part one of their three part challenge (the other two components being PLO and NLHE) and it was all one way traffic. Cao dominated the match from the word go, taking Antonius initial $15k buy in on the very first hand of the match and never looking back.  This was a bit of a turnaround from their triple draw match just a few days ago when Patrik cleaned out Rui, which prompted the issue of a challenge from Cao.

It took approximately three hours and 350 hands for Antonius to deplete his $330k roll for this part of the challenge. Check out Rui Cao's winnings graph from the past few hours to see just how much he controlled the game

If the chat from last week is to be believed then we should expect to see the guys back to do battle at some point today but with minimal chat at the tables other than "gg, wp, brb" etc we can't be sure when hostilities will be resuming.

As soon as they do however you can keep up to date with the results as they happen with us here at HighstakesDB.


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